Affected location

Amendment C357 Public Acquisition Overlay Sparrovale Rd Charlemont & Groves Rd Armstrong Creek

Current Status

Consideration of Panel Report

Closing date:

An Independent Panel was appointed to review submissions. It conducted a Panel Hearing on the 6th and 7th of September 2017.  The Panel has provided its report to Council and a copy is provided below under “Panel Hearing Documents”.

Council officers are reviewing the Panel’s recommendations and will prepare a report to be considered at a future Council meeting.

Further documents relating to the Panel can be found  Here

Council has prepared Amendment C357 to the Planning Scheme.

The land affected by the Amendment is at 109-215 Sparrovale Road, Charlemont and 1-87 Groves Road, Armstrong Creek.

Land at 109-215 Sparrovale Road is an irregularly shaped parcel approximately
523 hectares in area.

The Amendment proposes to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay across approximately 523 hectares of flood prone land to facilitate the construction and commissioning of stormwater management infrastructure enabling the continued urban development of the Armstrong Creek Horseshoe Bend Precinct Structure Plan.



All submissions will be considered by the City of Greater Geelong, Councillors or Independent Panel as required.

Submissions are now closed