Affected location

Amendment C338 & PP1418/2015 - Thornhill Road, Highton

Current Status

Council Consideration of Submissions

Closing date: Monday, 1 May 2017

Public Exhibition of Amendment C338 & PP1418/2015 has now closed.   

The next step is for a report on submissions to be prepared and considered by Council's delegate.   A copy of the report will be posted on this website. 


The amendment applies to the southern part of 176-194 Thornhill Road, Highton which currently contains a water storage basin.

The amendment proposes to rezone the surplus Barwon Water land from the Public Use Zone to the underlying General Residential Zone, and apply the Design and Development Overlay, consistent with the surrounding area.

A planning permit application (1418/2015) seeks approval for: a staged multi-lot subdivision of the land and removal of native vegetation, and buildings and works for the construction of a public access path. The path is proposed to be 2.5m wide and run from the subject land up to Roslyn Road.

Full details including plans, reports and an Information Sheet are provided below.


All submissions will be considered by the City of Greater Geelong, Councillors or Independent Panel as required.

Submissions are now closed