Your recycling bin

Find out what can go in your yellow lid recycling bin.

Items that can go in your yellow lid bin

Image showing examples of cans, foil trays and other metal recyclables
Flattened cardboard boxes
Aluminium and steel cans, empty aerosols and foil trays Cardboard
Image showing an array of glass bottles and jars ready for recycling
Stack of opened letters and advertising material
Glass bottles and jars Letters, envelopes and advertising material
An old metal pot with two handles and a rusty old frypan
Cartons you can recycle in your yellow lid bin
Metal pots and pans (no glass lids) Milk and juice cartons
Stack of newspapers and magazines to be recycled
Plastic cutlery, cups and containers that can be recycled
Newspapers and magazines Plastic cups, cutlery and takeaway food containers
Variety of storage containers and bowls
Image of various plastic bottles that can be recycled
Plastic food storage containers and bowls Plastic milk, juice and detergent bottles
Plastic truck and bucket and spade
Plant Map
Plastic toys (no batteries) Rigid plastic bottles
Stack of two Yellow pages phone books and various work/school papers
Variety of containers that can be recycled including margarine, icecream, youghurt and more
Work, school papers and phone books Yoghurt, margarine and ice cream containers

Image of the top of a yellow lid recycling bin with two orange arrows pointing in and the words 'Items must be loose - no plastic bags!' written over an image of plastic bags and a red circle with a line through it to reinforce this message


*Please keep plastic bags out of your recycling bin. Plastic bags can be only be recycled through participating supermarkets.



Put your recycling bin out for collection every fortnight. See collection calendar.

Your bin should not exceed 70 kilograms in weight.

Page last updated: Sunday, 12 February 2017