Building and property information

We can provide you with information about existing buildings and properties within our municipality.

We can provide: 

  • building permit history

  • current building notices and orders

  • designated areas:

    • flooding

    • termites

    • bushfire

    • Property owners can also obtain copies of plans and documents from building permit files. A separate form is used for this service.

Application forms

There is an application form that needs to be completed and there are associated fees.


Fees are specified on the Building Information Request Form and depend on the information you require.

New fees apply from 1 July each year.

New property owners

Before purchasing a property, you should check the following matters:

  • any building permits issued in the past 10 years

  • any current building notices or orders.

As the new owner of the property, any outstanding issues in relation to building permits, notices and orders will become your responsibility.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 24 January 2017