Building permits

A Building permit must be granted prior to starting any building works unless the work is exempt under Part 18 and Schedule 8 of the Building Interim Regulations 2017.

We issue building permits for the construction, demolition, alteration, extension or change of use for all types of buildings.

This includes both domestic and commercial projects, ranging from the smallest garden shed or verandah to the largest office building, factory or hospital building.

Our services are available to all residents and property owners, builders, developers and designers.

Building regulations

Under the Building Interim Regulations 2017 we must ensure that all construction and demolition works are carried out to specific standards.

These standards cover health, safety, amenity and energy efficiency matters.

Energy ratings

You will need to provide evidence to us that your building design complies with energy efficiency regulations when applying for your building permit.

Your builder will have the knowledge or will know who to contact to assess your design.

The Victorian Building Authority can provide you with more information.

Building advice and assistance 

Our staff in Building and Customer Service are available for advice and assistance at all stages from initial design to application processing and approval, inspections and completion of your building project.

Contact us to see how we can help.

Building permit fees

Fees are based on the total value of your building works/project, and may include the following:

  • Application fee (includes assessment, Building permit, mandatory inspections and Occupancy permit or Certificate of Final Inspection)

  • Asset Protection permit (a fee to cover the inspection of the road, footpaths and drains before and after building works).

Other fees will be applicable if separate permits or consents are required.

Our staff can advise you on the fees that will be applicable to your application.

Building permit levy

The Building permit levy applies to most building projects. It is payable when you lodge your application for a building permit and it is forwarded to the Building Commission when the permit is issued.

The levy applies to all applications where the value of the works exceeds $10,000. An additional levy applies to all domestic projects.

Building permit exemptions

There are times when you may not need a building permit - it's always a good idea to check with us first.

A range of minor building works are exempt from the requirements for permits and inspections, however in most cases the actual construction must still comply with the provisions of the Building Regulations.

The following list gives examples of building works for which a Building Permit and associated inspections are not required (please refer to the link below for more detail):

  • Buildings used temporarily during building works for construction or display purposes.

  • Garden sheds having a floor area not exceeding 10 square metres (if on the same allotment as an existing dwelling).

  • Repair work done for maintenance purposes, that is: re-roofing using similar materials (does not include re-blocking).

Domestic building work

Domestic building work includes:

  • all construction, demolition and alteration of all dwellings and associated works

  • all construction, demolition and alteration of buildings (including garages, carports, pools etc) on residential zoned land

Note that farm sheds are excluded.

Building investigations, complaints and enforcement

We investigate a wide range of building-related matters that have been reported to us in writing.

Some matters may proceed to enforcement action.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 21 June 2017