Building or renovating

Our role is to ensure buildings and other constructions are safe and the community is protected.

We can help you with safety guidelines about buildings, pool and spas, decks, fences, retaining walls, safe removal of asbestos, fire protection measures and new construction of any kind.

Building permits

Considerations when applying for a building permit. Regulations, fees and more.

When a building permit is required

A summary of building works that require a building permit.

Building and property information

Buying a property? Check any building permits, current building notices and orders or if the property is in a designated flooding, termite or bushfire area.

Building surveyors

A City building surveyor or private building surveyor can issue building permits and carry out inspections.

Building regulations variations (Council Consents)

Building over an easement, building on unsewered land or variations to height or setback requirements? You may need to apply for special permission (known as 'Council Consent').