City Plan planning framework

As the closest level of government to the community, local government is best placed to respond to community needs, concerns and aspirations.

Following the extensive ‘Your City Your Say’ engagement process with community members, councillors and the management team, City Plan 2013-2017 has been developed using a planning framework of four strategic directions, which will allow us to address the major concerns and issues raised in the engagement.

The four strategic directions are:

  1. Community wellbeing
  2. Growing our economy
  3. Sustainable built and natural environment and
  4. How we do business

Strategic directions are aligned to the Quadruple Bottom Line framework. They will ensure our planning and priorities take a balanced approach and address our communities’ wellbeing, our economy and our environment, as well as ensuring Council operations meet customer expectations.

Our annual City Plan actions and Annual Budget will be developed within this framework and will work towards achieving the following objectives and priorities:

Community wellbeing

Objective: Healthy Together Geelong: to enhance health, wellbeing and quality of life of Greater Geelong communities.


  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Healthy environments
  • Connected, creative and strong communities

Growing our economy

Objective: Securing Geelong’s economic future


  • Support existing businesses and encourage new and emerging growth sectors
  • Facilitate major infrastructure and investment to enable economic growth
  • A prosperous and innovative Geelong
  • A successful and vibrant city centre
  • Greater Geelong is a leading city for tourism, arts, culture and events

Sustainable built and natural environment

Objective: Partnering with our community to protect and enhance our natural ecosystems and to encourage sustainable design and reduced resource consumption.


  • Enhance and protect natural areas and ecosystem health
  • Support our community to live sustainably
  • Advocate for and promote sustainable design and development
  • Minimise our environmental footprint

How we do business

Objective: We will focus on developing and maintaining effective working relationships to deliver Council’s strategic directions and cost effective services that meet the changing needs of the community.


  • Lead by advocating and collaborating on issues important to the Greater Geelong community
  • Efficient and customer focused organisation
  • Responsible and sustainable financial management
  • Informed and engaged community
  • Motivated and skilled staff in a safe work environment

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