Strategic directions and annual action plan

As the closest level of government to the community, local government is best placed to respond to community needs, concerns and aspirations.

Following the extensive ‘Your City Your Say’ engagement process with community members, councillors and the management team, City Plan 2013-2017 has been developed using a planning framework of four strategic directions, which will allow us to address the major concerns and issues raised in the engagement. 

These strategic directions are Community Wellbeing, Growing Our EconomySustainable Built and Natural Environment and How We Do Business.

Within each of these strategic directions, priority areas that we will focus on in the next four years have been identified.

Strategic directions are aligned to the Quadruple Bottom Line framework. They will ensure our planning and priorities take a balanced approach and address our communities’ wellbeing, our economy and our environment, as well as ensuring Council operations meet customer expectations.

The aspirations we hold for our community cannot be achieved by Council alone. It will require collaboration from a number of stakeholders, including all levels of government, agencies and local community groups.

Realising our aspirations will be a challenge, so it is important that we continue to build relationships and work closely with stakeholders to ensure the best result for our community.

Our annual City Plan actions and Annual Budget are developed within this framework and will work towards achieving the objectives and priorities under each strategic direction. A number of measures have been identified under each priority which will allow us to monitor our progress.

Page last updated: Friday, 23 June 2017