Fees and Charges for Outdoor Sporting Facilities Council Policy

Fees and Charges for Outdoor Sporting Facilities Document No: CPL 285.9
Approval Date: 27 May 2008
Approved By: Council
Review Date: May 2013
Expiry Date: N/a
Version No: 01
Responsible Officer: General Manager – Community Infrastructure & Recreation
Authorising Officer: Chief Executive Officer

1. Purpose

  • To outline the principles and process for allocating Fees and Charges for Outdoor Sporting Facilities

2. Scope

  • Clubs or organisations utilising Council controlled land.

3. References

  • Recreational & Cultural Strategy 1995

  • Council Meeting 24 October 1995 – “Fees and Charges for Outdoor Sporting Facilities – 4 October 1995”

4. Definitions

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5. Council Policy

The City of Greater Geelong will implement a charging system that ensures the fees and charges made for outdoor sporting facilities are equitable and based on a clear system of objectives and principles.

5.1. Charging System

The system for fees and charges is based on:

  • The cost of providing the service.

  • The length of time the service is to be used (ie, restricted use/bookings).

  • The cost to maintain the facilities. Clubs/organisations that occupy facilities that are more expensive to maintain will pay more.

  • A set cost standard of service provided by the City. Clubs/organisations have the option to determine a level of facility maintenance/program above this level and meet the extra costs (ie, ground mowing on a more regular basis).

  • Sharing/restrictions on the use of the facilities:

    • Clubs/organisations sharing facilities will be charged a percentage of maintenance costs based on the share arrangements/usage schedules.

    • Clubs/organisations which have restricted or private facilities will pay the majority of maintenance costs.

  • The cost of all consumable materials including heat, light, power, water, and service costs relating to pavilions, clubhouses, change rooms, etc, will be the responsibility of the tenant organisations (as per the current Recreation Reserves and Pavilion Use Agreement).

5.2. Charging Objectives

In order to ensure equitable charging throughout the municipality, fees charged will be based on the following objectives:

  • Fees and charges will be set that directly relate to the cost of facility maintenance and the standard of facility being used.

  • A set percentage of the total cost of maintaining facilities or program expenditure will be recouped. This percentage will refect industry best practice.

  • Clubs/organisations will be encouraged to take greater financial and management responsibility for maintaining and caring for the facilities they occupy.

  • The charging system will ensure the facilities/grounds are used and charges relate to usage and recovery of extra maintenance costs.

  • Anomalies in fees charges across the municipality will be addressed and removed where possible.

  • Individual agreements will be entered into with clubs who conduct commercial activities on Council properties or areas under Council control and commercial charges will be levied for the part of the facility used for this purpose.

5.3. Charging Principles

In line with the objectives, the charging principles shall be that:

  • Users should contribute something towards the recreation services provided by the City, so that ratepayers do not pay the total cost.

  • Fees and charges will relate to:

    1. The quality of facilities and services

    2. The nature and pattern of use

    3. The level, quantity and cost of services provided, and

    4. The type of user.

  • Fee concessions will only be provided for projects/facilities that enable:

    1. Sharing of facilities, especially those that encourage other users and uses

    2. Introduction of new activities

    3. Club involvement in maintenance services

    4. Support for children, youth and special needs activities, and

    5. Support for newly-formed groups.

  • Charges will be based on an individual facility assessment system that rates facilities by area, type, quality and level of maintenance. The assessment system will be designed to provide lower point scores for public facilities (available for community use) compared to merit facilities (partly available for community use) and private facilities (limited community use).

  • Clubs that organise commercial activities (ie, gaming machine venues) on Council properties will have that portion of the property assessed at a commercial rate or charge in line with an individual agreement between the City and the Club.

  • Lower standard facilities will be assessed at a lower rating than facilities of a higher standard.

  • The seasonal fees and charges only cover the home and away season. Pre-season training/games and finals are not included. Additional fees are charged for these activities. Finals bookings are made by the relevant association, not the tenant club.

5.4. Point Score Value

  • Each reserve/ facility is assessed on a point scoring system based on the standard of facilities available at the reserve.

  • The reserves will be categorised into four sectors A,B,C, and D and charged accordingly.

  • The reserve point score will be reviewed in 2009 and will be continually reviewed from that point to reflect any capital upgrades to reserves or change in usage patterns that impact on the existing rateing and consequently sector charge.

  • The value per point for Tennis and Netball Courts will be determined each year in the Fees and Charges Schedule

  • School facilities:

    • Council will only maintain those school recreational areas required to be allocated for sporting or recreational purposes, not able to be met by the city’s network of open space.

    • The rating and level of service for school grounds will be consistent with D category reserves.

6. Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

Record Retention/Disposal Responsibility Retention Period Location
Ground Allocation Information Corporate Records Permanent Corporate Records
Annual Fees and Charges Schedule Finance Manager 7 years Corporate Records

Recreation Reserves and Pavilion Use Agreement

Corporate Records Permanent Corporate Records

7. Attachments

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