Permit to burn

An application to burn needs to be submitted to obtain a permit to burn at all times throughout the year for any burning off.


All burn permits expire on 30 November each year and no permits will be issued after the first week in November.

Outside of the fire restriction period (also known as the fire danger period), residents in non residential areas are able to apply for a permit to burn.

When to apply

We require the completed application form five workings days prior to the date you wish to burn.


Once we have received the completed application form one of our Fire Prevention Officers will ring you to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and to inspect the proposed burn site to ensure all conditions are understood and that they can be met.

They may, or may not, issue a permit. There is no charge for a permit to burn.

Late applications

Any Permits to Burn Applications received after the first week in November each year will be held over until after the Fire Danger Period finishes.

Need to know more...

For further information on the Fire Danger Period please contact the Country Fire Authority.

Print Page last updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2016