Art for Books: Adrian Lockhart + Jedda Robaard

While Adrian Lockhart and Jedda Robaard are two distinctly contrasting artists, Metropolis Gallery has brought them together for an upcoming exhibition Art for Books to be launched by Patti Manolis, CEO Geelong Library on Friday 11 August. The artists share a love of books and the exhibition presents a wonderful selection of each artist’s works featured in a number of their published books, which will also be available for purchase during the exhibition.

Jedda Robaard is a local children’s book illustrator and author whose work is well known nationally and internationally, having been published in many languages. including English, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Korean and Chinese. Book illustration is an opportunity for Jedda to create little worlds where characters can play, unhindered by society’s restrictions. This body of work represents her journey creating those worlds, from her initial book Rabbit’s Year through to the ongoing Little Creatures Series. Her exhibition happily coincides with Children’s Book Week and Jedda will present an Artist’s Talk at 10.30am Saturday 19 August. Jedda says ‘The majority of these pieces have been created simply with pencil and watercolour. They are just puddles of colour if you like. Puddles manipulated into tiny beings with feelings, obligations and agendas’. Jedda studied graphic design, but with the inspiration of Australian artists May Gibbs, Bob Graham, Jeannie Baker, Julie Vivas, Shaun Tan and Robert Ingpen she has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a successful children's book illustrator.

Adrian Lockhart’s love of the line in printmaking and drawing is well represented in Art for Books, but his discovery of the artist book in its various forms is at the heart. Showing his one-off and limited edition books alongside related paintings, drawings, woodblocks, etchings and monotypes demonstrates how the union of the ‘book’ and the ‘mark’ has formed a significant direction in his already substantial and established life’s work. Books have always fascinated Lockhart: ‘I like the excitement, discovery and tactility of page turning. As can be seen in this show, each artist’s book is quite individual and can vary considerably. There are unique books and books in limited editions’. In the 1960s as a young teen Adrian worked as a newspaper artist, creating images, designing, working with type and being involved in the printing industry. This was an invaluable experience, resulting in images and books like those on show in Art for Books.

Meet the artists on Opening Night 6pm Friday 11 August when Patti Manolis, CEO Geelong Library will launch the exhibitions – all welcome!

Jedda Robaard will present an artist’s talk at 10.30am Saturday 19 August.

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