Water Management Policy

Water Management Policy Document No: CPL215.8
Approval Date: 26 March 2013
Approved By: Council
Review Date: 26 March 2016
Responsible Officer: General Manager City Services Expiry Date: N/A
Version No 01
Authorising Officer: Chief Executive Officer

1. Purpose

To provide direction in the management; use and investment into water and associated infrastructure from both potable and alternative sources within the City of Greater Geelong.

To ensure that:

  • the use of potable water for non-drinking purposes is reduced or eliminated where there are demonstrable and cost effective social and environmental benefits

  • alternative sources of water are considered ahead of potable water wherever cost effective.

  • all water used by Council from all sources is used and sourced in a sustainable, effective and responsible manner.

  • water available to council (during water restrictions) is used equitably and across a broad cross section of community facilities to maximise its benefit.

  • alternative sources of water available to council such as recycled water, stormwater, groundwater and any other miscellaneous supplies are developed and allocated on a basis that ensures equity and cost effectiveness, and enables council to undertake its mandatory functions.

  • all Councillors, employees and contractors of COGG manage water in a manner that complies with relevant strategies, policies, procedures, legislation and guidelines.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Councillors, employees, committees of management, clubs, agents, contractors and volunteers of the City of Greater Geelong.

The policy applies to the City of Greater Geelong at all times including permanent or temporary Water Restrictions as well as periods of no restrictions.

3. References 

  • Environmental Management Strategy 2006-2011

  • Greenhouse Response 2008-2011

  • Local Government Act

  • Local Law 2005

  • Sustainable Water Use Plan 2007

  • Water Act 1989

  • Water Futures Strategy 2009

  • Water Restriction By-Law - Barwon Water

  • Permanent Water Savings Plan for the Barwon Region Water Corporation

  • Stormwater Harvesting Policy (2009) 

4. Definitions

  • Alternative water: Any water other than potable water (river water, bore water, backwash water, untreated water from various sources, stormwater and water from sewer mining).

  • Cost Effectiveness is a measure of the value for money an option represents to Council, when considering the full life cycle costs of the asset including capital, operation, maintenance and eventual replacement.

  • Fit for purpose: Of a standard or quality appropriate for an intended use.

  • Potable water: Water that is suitable for human consumption based on water quality standards

  • Water Sustainability Group: An internal cross-functional representative working group with the responsibility of decision making, review and advising the Executive Management Team/Council of operational water management issues during times of water restrictions.

5. Council Policy

5.1. The City of Greater Geelong Council encourages the conservation of water.

  1. 5.1.1 Water conservation will be built into the early design of new facilities and at facilities proposed to be upgraded or renovated.

  2. 5.1.2. Investments will be made to minimise water use in existing Council facilities where it can be shown that the facilities water use is inefficient and that the proposed investment represents a cost effective approach to reducing water consumption.

5.2. The City of Greater Geelong Council encourages the investigation and use of alternative sources of water.

  1. 5.2.1. Any proposal to utilise water from any alternative source must demonstrate that:

    • It provides a cost effective approach to maintaining irrigated assets in a condition that is fit for purpose; and

    • The environmental impacts of the proposal have been considered and that the proposal seeks to avoid, minimise and offset any adverse impacts. 

  2. 5.2.2. Council investments into the provision of alternative water supplies for any council function will be prioritised on the basis that the investment:

    • assists council in undertaking its mandatory functions.

    • provides a cost effective approach to protection of assets and previous investments; and

    • will secure a long term cost effective and sustainable water supply for new facilities.

5.3. A Water Sustainability Group will be convened to provide strategic advice on the City's operational water use and water related projects.

  1. 5.3.2. The purpose of the Water Sustainability Group is to provide a forum for cross departmental consideration of water management issues and to provide advice in relation to the following aspects of Council water use

    • Economic Efficiency.

    • Social Equity

    • Environmental Sustainability

  2. 5.3.2. During times of water restrictions the Water Sustainability Group will ensure Council's water use is consistent with Barwon Water's requirements and will provide strategic water allocation advice to best manage Council's irrigated assets.

6. Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

Record Retention/Disposal Responsibility Retention Period Location

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