Street Tree Policy

Street Tree Policy Document No:   CPL255.1
Approval Date:   18 August 2009  
Approved By:  Council
Review Date:  18 August 2012
Responsible Officer:  General Manager, City Services Version No:   00
Authorising Officer:   Chief Executive Officer 

1 Purpose

To provide direction in relation to how the City of Greater Geelong will manage existing and new tree assets.

To ensure:

  • That trees are recognised as a dynamic, living feature of the City which require ongoing maintenance and management

  • The appropriate protection and maintenance of the City’s existing tree asset base

  • Resourcing the regular monitoring and maintenance of street trees

  • Planting of trees in streets and on public land which enhances the landscape of the City

  • Appropriate site and species selection for new street tree assets

2 Scope

This policy specifies the processes associated with the management of all pre-existing and potential tree assets and articulates the standards in which management practices shall be applied.

The policy applies to all street tree assets owned and maintained by Council within the City boundaries.

3 References

  • AS4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees

  • Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2005

  • City of Greater Geelong Planning Scheme

  • City of Greater Geelong Street Tree Strategy

4 Definitions

  • Tree asset means any tree which is owned and maintained by the City of Greater Geelong.

  • Street tree means any tree planted or to be planted within a road reserve.

  • Reserve tree means any tree planted within the boundaries of a nominated City of Greater Geelong open space area.

  • Road opening permit means a two way legal document providing permission from Council for the undertaking of a road opening by another party, and specifying the conditions (if any) to which that other party must comply.

5 Council Policy

5.1 Introduction

The aim of this policy is to document the City of Greater Geelong’s commitment to sustaining and improving the visual appearance of the City through the maintenance and enhancement of street tree assets.

Street trees contribute to the appearance of the City via their aesthetic value which provides individual character and identity. In order to sustain the environmental, social and economic benefits that street trees contribute to our community they must be managed in a consistent manner that meets current arboricultural industry standards.

5.2 It is the policy of Council that:

Street Tree Planting

  • Streets shall be planted according to Street Tree Planting Guidelines*.

  • Where practicable, all trees shall be replaced after they have been removed.

Street Tree Pruning

  • All tree pruning carried out by Council staff and its contractors shall be in accordance with Australian Standard AS4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees and the Street Tree Pruning Guidelines.

  • Trees shall be pruned in accordance to relevant Legislation. (i.e. Electricity Industry Regulations, Native Vegetation (DSE) and the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act)

  • Council shall be responsible for pruning trees owned and maintained by the City

Tree Removal

  • Trees shall be assessed by appropriately trained staff on a ‘case by case’ basis and will only be removed if they meet one or more of the criteria set out in the Street Tree Removal Guidelines*.

Significant Trees

  • Council will continue to manage trees of significance which are planted within streets.  Trees shall be classified as being ‘significant’ if one or more of the criteria outlined in the Significant Tree Guidelines* are met.

Tree Inspection Program

  • Council will continue to develop and implement its Tree Inspection Program in line with the Tree Inspection Program Guidelines*.

*All Tree Management Unit Guidelines are managed and maintained by City Services, Tree Management Unit and are available upon request.

5.3 Policy Review

It is the policy of Council that this policy be reviewed every three years or as necessary by the City of Greater Geelong Tree Management Unit.

6. Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

Name of Record Retained by/location Retention Period Location
Customer requests Corporate Records Permanent Electronic
Tree planting records Manager Parks Permanent  Electronic
Tree pruning records Manager Parks  Permanent Electronic
Tree removal records Manager Parks  Permanent Electronic
Significant tree records Manager Parks  Permanent Electronic
Tree inspection program Manager Parks  Permanent Electronic

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