Primary schooling in Geelong

Geelong’s broad primary school network gives you the freedom of choice.

Each primary school, public or private, receives government funding to some degree. Public tuition is free but be aware of costs such as uniforms, a voluntary school levy and some books. Private school, although partly government funded, will be the far more expensive option, with substantial yearly tuition fees. As of 30 April, your child must be five years old to attend a Victorian government school.

Geelong is well able to accept special needs children in our schools. Although there are Government schools for students with specific disabilities, regular schools will accept special needs students and provide assistance.

The school year is split into four terms, the first beginning in late January, and the last finishing in December for the summer holidays. Students have a two week break between terms, except for the summer holidays which are a six week break. Victorian school term dates are published on the Victoria Online website.

The My School website also enables you to search the profiles of almost 10,000 Australian schools. Information on the site has been provided by individual schools and education authorities.

Enrolment time

When it comes time to enrol your child, have these documents and information on hand:

  • evidence of your child's date of birth

  • name and contact details of parents, guardians and emergency contacts

  • Immunisation Status Certification

  • health and welfare information

  • information about the language(s) your child speaks and hears (to help the school build on your child's knowledge)

Find a primary school

Search our Community Directory to find local schools.

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