Waterfront Christmas Tree Fireworks 2016
Waterfront Christmas Tree Fireworks 2016

Aged and Disability Services Newsletter Christmas 2016

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas hours

On Friday 23 December 2016 our office will be closing at 3:00pm.

We will be re-opening on Wednesday 28 December 2016 at 8:00am.

Merry Christmas for the festive season from all of us at Aged and Disability Services.

Hello Everyone

As usual the year has flown by at break neck speed and Christmas has snuck up on us here at Aged and Disability Services.

How can it be that we are still in our winter clothes with the sleigh bells already jingling in the distance? It is a pleasure, however, to reflect on the year as we write you this short note. We hope sincerely that 2016 has been a good year for you and your family. We hope also that we have been able to provide you with a high level of care and timely assistance over the past 12 months. Our services are designed to enhance your independence and make your life a little easier.

If your needs change we can adapt our services accordingly. This includes the provision of care coordination, more regular services, packaged and restorative care.

We are delighted to report that since our last newsletter, the City of Greater Geelong’s Aged Care Services achieved a perfect accreditation score by the external assessment agency. This affirms that our business is well managed, that our service provision is of a high quality and that we are upholding your rights and responsibilities as service users.

The fabulous team here in the Corio Street office, our food service teams and our mobile teams of Community Care Workers and Home Maintenance Officers are committed to ensure that our services meet your individual needs.

We are adapting to the new My Aged Care environment and hope to remain your care provider of choice.

Remember that we welcome your feedback on any aspects of your service, including the performance of our workers. If you would prefer to provide comment through an advocate or support person, we can also arrange this. With your generous feedback we will be even better.

If you are out and about after dark, we recommend you visit and enjoy the floating Christmas tree, the Malop and Moorabool Street catenary lights and the illuminated City Hall.

The lighting features are annual treats that lift the spirits and bring people together over the festive season.

With our very best wishes for Christmas and 2017.

Geelong Seniors Festival 2016 wrap-up

With over 100 events again in 2016, the Geelong Seniors Festival was again a great opportunity to get out and about and enjoy all that the municipality has to offer. The feedback from the events has been wonderful and can be best summed up by the following quotes by participants:

“The festival is a great opportunity to get out and try new things, meet other people, learn about existing clubs.”

“Really enjoyed all my experiences, well organised, lots of variety and very easy on the purse.”

We think so too. We'll be back in October next year to do it all again.

Home Care Packages

Did you know that Aged and Disability Services offer Home Care Packages funded by the Australian Government?

If you have been assessed as being eligible for a Home Care Package by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and are looking for a local provider to support you in your home, we are able to provide or source the required supports.

What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package provides services that can help you to stay at home for as long as possible and give you choice and flexibility in the way that care and support is provided to you. Packages are designed to give you the care you need now, but can also be changed if your needs increase over time.

The four levels of Home Care Packages are:

  • Level 1 – basic care needs

  • Level 2 – low level care needs

  • Level 3 – intermediate care needs

  • Level 4 – high care needs

What is Consumer Directed Care?

Consumer Directed Care is a new way of providing home care services, giving you more control and choice about the types of care and services you access, how the care is delivered, and who delivers it to you.

Please remember, to advise ACAT if you want to keep your current care workers, and Council as your Aged Care provider. We look forward to remaining your chosen provider.

Staying safe this summer

What to do in case of fire, flood or other emergencies. Stay alert to emergencies affecting your community.

Emergency Management Victoria issues emergency warnings if an emergency is occurring that may threaten life or property.


There is an emergency in your local area, access information and monitor conditions.

Watch and act

Fire or flood is heading towards you, conditions are changing and you need to take action now to protect your safety and wellbeing.

Emergency warning

You are in imminent danger and need to take immediate action. You will be impacted by fire or flood.

How to stay informed

  • Visit the Vic Emergency website

  • Download the Vic Emergency App

  • Call the Vic Emergency hotline on 1800 226 226

  • Listen to ABC local radio

  • Watch ABC news

Call 000 if there is an immediate threat to life or property.

Bushfire survival plan

Having a bushfire survival plan is an important way to ensure you stay safe this bushfire season. You will hear reports on your local ABC radio to know when conditions are dangerous enough to put your bushfire survival plan in to action.

You will be advised of the following ratings to guide your actions.

  • Code Red

  • Extreme

  • Severe

  • Very High

  • High

  • Low Moderate

The rating is your prompt to take action to stay safe.

What should I do?

Leaving high risk bushfire areas the night before or early in the day is your safest option - do not wait and see. Avoid forested areas, thick bush or long, dry grass.

Know your trigger - make a decision about:

  • when you will leave

  • where you will go

  • how you will get there

  • when you will return

  • what will you do if you cannot leave

Delivered meals

Our Delivered Meals team and special volunteers continue to deliver a valuable service to you.

We have recently commenced seeking feedback from clients in regard to quality of meals, packaging and delivery options. If you have any ideas for improvements, we would certainly like to hear from you.

Our Food Services staff will be contacting clients randomly via telephone as part of our Quality Improvement Program.

Do you need extra support?

The Geelong Community Support Register is a confidential register linking people who are isolated or vulnerable with a network and emergency services.

The register holds health information and contacts which can be provided to emergency services or hospital staff on your behalf. Volunteers are also able to provide regular phone contact for those who request it. The volunteer team, based at the Corio Police Station is available to accept registrations from residents of all areas of the City of Greater Geelong not already covered under the Bellarine Police Community Support Register.

If you, your family, friends or neighbours feel this may be beneficial, please call the Register office on 03 5275 1607 or pick up a brochure from any of our Customer Service Centres or library branch. This is a free service.

Home Maintenance

Do you have any odd jobs that need doing around the house?

Our Home Maintenance team is able to carry out minor household repairs that do not require the skills of a trades person. An example can be replacement of smoke detector batteries, light globes or fix a loose door handle.

The aim of the service is to support frail older people, their carers and people with disabilities, by providing assistance with tasks necessary to maintain a comfortable, healthy home environment.

The Home Maintenance team can be contacted on 03 5272 4724.

Hard waste collection

Aged and Disability Services are providing a Hard Waste Collection service to all eligible people over the age of 65 (50 plus for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders).

For information about the Hard Rubbish Removal Service please contact our Intake Officer on 03 5272 4677.

Beating the heat and staying cool this summer

It’s important to look after yourself with the hotter summer months fast approaching; I hope the following tips and enclosed brochure will assist you and those around you to keep cool.

  • Keep hydrated by drinking extra water, even if you’re not thirsty (if your doctor normally limits your fluids, check how much to drink during hot weather).

  • Look after yourself and keep in touch with older, sick, or frail friends, neighbours and relatives.

  • Keep yourself cool by using damp towels and taking cool showers through the day and night.

  • If you must go out, stay in the shade and take plenty of water with you. Wear a hat and light coloured, loose fitting clothing.

  • Block out the sun during the day by drawing the curtains and blinds. Open up windows and doors when there is a cool breeze.

  • Watch out for news reports that provide more information during a heatwave.

Preventing falls

Falls can happen to anyone, but, unfortunately, as you grow older falls can become more common and you are more likely to injure yourself.

Most people fall in and around the home. Falls are also common in aged care homes. If you have a serious injury it can lead to a change in where you live.

For more information about preventing falls, download the 'Don’t fall for it. Falls can be prevented!' guide from the Department of Health website.

The Aged and Disability Department at City of Greater Geelong is running an Allied Health Assistant Program which is open to all older persons:

  • aged 65 years or over (or 50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples)

  • experiencing difficulty performing everyday tasks due to a disability, illness, condition or injury

  • living in the community

We have qualified Allied Health Assistants available to help you reach your re-ablement goals – to help get you back to doing some of the things you used to do in your home and in the community.

For more information about what we can offer, please call our Occupational Therapist – Alethea Leendertz, phone 03 5272 5311, fax 03 5272 4752 or email aleendertz@geelongcity.vic.gov.au.