Bullying and harassment concerns

Friday, 14 July 2017

We issued this response to the media's query regarding dealing with bullying and harassment concerns. 


City of Greater Geelong Executive Manager People and Organisational Andrew Keen:


The City of Greater Geelong has very robust procedures in place for our employees to raise concerns about bullying and harassment and to have these matters dealt with appropriately.

Like any organisation, complaints will be raised from time to time.  All complaints are reviewed and, if necessary, investigated. Where any employee has been found to have breached our Staff Code of Conduct, disciplinary action is taken.

The City also has a very proactive approach to building good workplace culture, we have a range of strategies and programs in place to engage and train our employees in demonstrating behaviours that support our workplace values.

The Commission of Inquiry's Independent Panel is only dealing with one matter that relates to historic allegations.

Any new complaints are managed through the City’s normal human resources processes, with the Panel providing oversight.