VicSmart planning permit process

The VicSmart system will streamline the planning process for the more straightforward planning permit applications.

Classes of applications are identified in the planning scheme as being VicSmart and have specified requirements for information, assessment processes and decision guidelines.

Key features of VicSmart include:

  • a 10 day permit process
  • applications are not advertised
  • information that applicants are required to submit is predetermined.

Eligible applications

Not all application types will be eligible for the VicSmart process. For detailed information about VicSmart application, including VicSmart application types and information requirements, visit the VicSmart website.

VicSmart application lodgements

At this stage the only way you can lodge a VicSmart Application is in person at our Planning offices located at 100 Brougham Street in Geelong.

A dedicated VicSmart Planner will run through the application at the counter to ensure that all the relevant information that is required to be a VicSmart application is submitted.

Print Page last updated: Friday, 18 November 2016