Road reseal program

Roads in our municipality require resealing when road usage results in wear and tear.

Our reseal program identifies roads that requiring resealing each financial year.


Our reseal program is carried out between November and April each year. All works are weather permitting.


Roads requiring resealing are progressively identified and assessed for this maintenance process.

The proposed roads for resealing in 2016/17 are listed below. The contract for this financial year's program has been awarded to SprayLine.  The works will commence in late November 2016 and be completed by March 2017.  All dates are subject to weather permitting.

Town Road Proposed Reseal date Status
Breakwater Tucker Street (Gundog Road to Leather Street)    
Tanner Street (Fellmongers Road to Currier Street)    
Fowler Street      
Cosgrove Street      
Currier Street      
Holman Court      
Hamilton Court    
Clifton Springs Beacon Point Road    
Drysdale Clifton  Springs Road      
Princess  Street (Andersons Road to Swan Bay Road)    
East Geelong Lomond  Terrace      
St Albans Road      
Garden Street (Carr Street to St Albans Road)    
Leopold Clifton  Avenue (Geelong-Port Road to North End)   Tuesday 13 December 2016  
Cresta Street (Ash Road to No. 24)   Thursday 15 December 2016  
Kensington Road    
Loupe Crescent (Allambie Street to Ferguson Road)   Thursday 15 December 2016  
Barrabool Crescent (Melaluka Road to Benita Place)    
Claremont Drive   Wednesday 14 December 2016  
Anzac Avenue   Wednesday 14 December 2016  
Myuna Street   Wednesday 14 December 2016  
Allambie Street   Thursday 15 December 2016  
Glengarwyn Road   Thursday 15 December 2016  
Athlon Avenue   Thursday 15 December 2016  
Carroll Street Wednesday 14 December 2016  
Ocean Grove Sunset Strip      
Arcturus Road      
Canopus Road      
Aquilae Street      
Loch Ard Drive    
Portarlington Hereford Street   Monday 21 November 2016 Completed
Smythe Street (Geelong Road to Sproat Street) Monday 12 December 2016  
Brown Street (Fenwick Street to Smythe Street) Tuesday 13 December 2016  
Point Richards Road   Monday 21 November 2016 Completed
Tower Road   Monday 21 November 2016 Completed
Denver Drive   Monday 12 December 2016  
Dellwood Drive   Monday 12 December 2016  
Longview Street   Monday 12 December 2016  
Evandale Avenue   Monday 12 December 2016  
Geelong Road Service Road (Tower Road to Smythe Street) Tuesday 22 November 2016 Completed
South Geelong Bellerine  Street (Barwon Terrace to Fyans Street)    
Yarra Street (Barwon Terrace to McKillop Street)    
St Albans Park Wilsons Road (Townsend Road to Woods Road) Friday 16 December 2016  
Woods Road (Wilsons Road to Coppards Road)  Friday 16 December 2016  
East End Crescent (Aldershot Road to Trenton Parade)    
Whittington Wilsons Road (Lancaster Ave to Townsend Road)    
Balliang Hannans Road    
Old Boundary Road    

Reseal dates will be continually updated on this site when finalised with the contractor.

Legislative requirements

We adhere to the Road Management Act 2004 at all times.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2016