Special Charge Scheme - Portarlington North East Group

September 2016 Update - Portarlington NE Group.

Tenders for the construction of roads in the Portarlington NE Group have been called and a closing date of 28 September 2016 has been set for companies to submit their tender for the works.

Once tenders close the following process will take place:

  • Panel Evaluation of Tenders

  • Request for Clarification from Tenderers

  • Final Panel Evaluation of Tenders and Recommendation of Contractor

  • Approval of Contractor by Council or Delegated Officer

  • Contract Awarded and Pre-Construction Commencement

The contractor will be permitted to continue works in January, we have however noted the concerns of property owners and the following conditions have been included in the information to tenderers and will form part of the contract conditions:

  • No construction work requiring machinery operation – 25 December 2016 till 1 January 2017

  • Construction work permitted 2 January 2017 till 1 February 2017 with restrictions

  • Work hours will be 9:00am till 5:30pm Monday to Friday with no weekend work allowed

  • No machinery to start up till 9:00am

  • No construction work to be undertaken on roads north of Newcombe Street during this period (Clark Street, Drysdale Street and adjoining roads)

  • Residential access to be maintained

  • Dust suppression using a commercial solution to be applied to roads in accordance with manufacturers specification and EPA requirements

  • No hauling operations in Gellibrand Street between Stevens and Willis Streets, use of all other construction equipment in this location to be minimised

It is hoped that the above will strike a balance between works continuing and the concerns for access and amenity during the holiday period.

Key dates

12 May 2013 Community Meeting
24 February 2015 Intention to Declare Charges
27 October 2015 Submissions Panel Hearing
27 January 2016 Declaration of Charges

Key facts

  • Proposed works include 8 kilometres of road sealing in the area surrounded by Fisher Street, Hood Road, Mercer Street and The Esplanade in Portarlington.

  • It is estimated that the cost of the work swill be in the order of $4.4 million including a Council contribution of $1.04 million.

  • An informal survey saw a 60% response rate from the Portarlington Community and a majority of property owners were in favour of the proposal.

Locality Plan

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