Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region

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Date: Friday, 14 July 2017 to Thursday, 27 July 2017

Council is seeking feedback to the draft 'Sustainable Agribusiness Strategy for the G21 Region'. The Strategy identifies the key strengths and growth opportunities in the agribusiness sector in the G21 region and outlines actions to support the industry.

The strategy will provide a framework to guide both private sector and government investment decisions and seeks to complement the range of other documents that have been created across various tiers of government, including the G21 group of Councils.

The strategy recognises the value of agribusiness in the region but highlights that the industry has changed in the region over time.  This means that the G21 region derives significant benefit from the sector through the processing of primary produce that is produced across various areas of Victoria and Australia. 

The strategy has been developed through significant stakeholder feedback with those active in the Agribusiness Sector.

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