Affected location

Amendment C368 & PP11/2017 Flinders Avenue Lara

Current Status

Directions Hearing

Closing date: Monday, 19 March 2018

Council (under delegation) considered  a report on the submissions to this Amendment on 12th January 2018 and resolved to refer them to an Independent Panel.   

A copy of the Council's Delegate Report is provided below under "Supporting Documents". 

Anyone who made a submission will be notified about the Panel Hearing (the first step is a Directions Hearing) and given an opportunity to present to the Panel.  


Public Exhibition of Amendment C368 has now closed.

The next step if for a report on submissions to be prepared and considered by Council's delegate.   A copy of the report will be posted on the website when it becomes available.  


Council has prepared Amendment C368 to the planning scheme. 

The land affected by the amendment is 143 – 179 Flinders Avenue, Lara.

The Amendment seeks to rezone part of the land at 143-179 Flinders Avenue, Lara from the Rural Living Zone (RLZ) to the General Residential Zone 1 (GRZ1).

The land affected by the permit application is Lot A on Plan of Subdivision PS734359J.

Click here to view an interactive version of the development plan, subdivision plan and aerial photo.

The Amendment:
1. Amends Planning Scheme Map No. 19ZN to rezone land at 143-179 Flinders Avenue, Lara from the Rural Living Zone (RLZ) to the General Residential Zone 1 (GRZ1).
2. Alters Clause 21.13 Lara Structure Plan Map to show land at 143-179 Flinders Avenue, Lara as ‘Conventional Residential’.

3. The planning permit application seeks approval for the multi-lot subdivision of the land proposed to be re-zoned.

The draft planning permit, subdivision plans and other information are provided below under "Amendment" and "Supporting" documents.

The amendment is accompanied by a draft Section 173 Agreement requiring developer contributions towards community infrastructure in Lara (see "Supporting Documents" below)

The decision to prepare and exhibit the Amendment was made by Council at it’s meeting on 26th June 2017. The minutes from the meeting can be viewed below under Supporting Documents. 

Amendment Documents

Supporting Documents

View printed copies of these documents at:

City of Greater Geelong, Customer Service Centre - Ground floor
100 Brougham Street, Geelong 3220 - 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday


All submissions will be considered by the City of Greater Geelong, Councillors or Independent Panel as required.

Submissions are now closed