Marshall Precinct Structure Plan project bulletin April 2018

This bulletin is designed to explain the purpose, background, goals and processes that will guide the development of the structure plan for Marshall, the final residential precinct located in the Armstrong Creek urban growth area.

What is a precinct structure plan?

A precinct structure plan is a blueprint for the development of an area over many years.

Our aim for the Marshall Precinct Structure Plan is to create a balance between complex policy requirements and affordable housing. We want to create a compact and well- connected community, with appropriate spaces for housing, roads, parks and community facilities.

The goals of the process are as follows:

  1. to create a walkable, interactive and well- designed neighbourhood that uses the potential of the Marshall Train Station and surrounding land well
  2. to create a well-designed internal road, cycling and pedestrian network that connects the community seamlessly with Geelong
  3. to establish appropriate locations for different land uses, including residential, commercial, conservation protection, open space, community facilities and drainage infrastructure
  4. to plan for services and options for staging development of the area
  5. to establish the developer contributions needed to provide key infrastructure.

Where is the Marshall precinct?

The precinct is located in the northern-most part of the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area and is roughly bordered by Reserve Road, Barwon Heads Road and the railway line.

The area is characterised by:

  • a selection of residents
  • semi-rural activities
  • high value vegetation
  • areas of seasonal inundation
  • Marshall Creek
  • significant road and rail transport infrastructure, including the potential Bellarine Link Road.

Community consultation

We will be holding a community consultation event in mid 2018. It will provide an opportunity for members of the local community to see site plans, learn about site opportunities and constraints and provide feedback.

Following this, a draft precinct plan will be developed for further community feedback in late 2018.

You can phone us on 03 5272 5078 or send your details via email to stay up-to-date with what is happening with the Marshall Precinct Structure Plan.

What is the timeline for developing the plan?

Our goal is to finalise the precinct structure planning process for Marshall by 2020.

Date Project milestone
June 2018 First community consultation event
November 2018 Second community consultation event (draft plan)
December 2018 Plan is finalised
Early 2019 Plan is adopted by Council
Early 2019 Planning Scheme amendment process
Late 2019 Planning Panels Victoria process
Early 2020 Ministerial approval

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