Marshall Precinct Structure Plan project bulletin November 2018

The purpose of this bulletin is to give you an update on the structure plan we are developing for Marshall, the final residential precinct located in the Armstrong Creek urban growth area.

Community workshop

We held a community workshop at Grovedale Hall in June 2018. It was an opportunity for the community to see site plans, learn about site opportunities and constraints and provide feedback. It was a successful, well attended event with strong input from the community.

Feedback received from the community included:

  • What is working well in Marshall: the natural environment, the railway station, proximity to services and access to the city.
  • What is not working well in Marshall: road traffic management and the major road project upgrades, access to shopping, connections to the river and safety.
  • Community vision for the future of Marshall: Drews Road to connect to the train station and Armstrong Creek, higher density housing, shopping and community buildings located close to the train station, good bicycle and pedestrian routes, good open space corridors including Smith Street, river connections, and larger housing blocks in some areas.

Technical reports

We are progressing technical reports that will inform the development of the precinct.

These reports include:

  • storm water management strategy
  • transport and access management strategy
  • native vegetation precinct plan
  • utilities servicing plan and
  • developer contributions plan.

Issues that these reports will address are:

  • integrating the proposed major road and rail projects in the precinct
  • appropriate locations for housing and other development
  • integrating houses, drainage, water supplies, road ways, open space, vegetation, utility service easements and other land uses
  • native vegetation to be retained or removed
  • establishing the internal road, cycling and pedestrian routes
  • location and size of storm water basins, pipes and movement
  • location and staging of utility services
  • staging for development
  • infrastructure needs and developer contribution costs required to fund them and
  • urban design considerations.

It is expected that these technical reports will be completed by the end of 2018.

Draft Precinct Structure Plan and upcoming events

The draft precinct structure plan will be prepared in early 2019.

A community consultation event in early 2019 will give community members an opportunity to view the draft plan, ask questions and provide comments and suggestions.

Following this, a final precinct plan will be developed for consideration mid 2019.

Send us your contact details if you would like to get involved (see front page to find out how).

Date Project milestone
Late 2018 Technical reports finalised
Early 2019 Community consultation on the draft plan
Mid 2019 Plan is finalised
Mid 2019 Plan is adopted by Council
Mid 2019 Planning Scheme amendment process
Mid 2020 Planning Panels Victoria process
Mid 2020 Ministerial approval

Need to know more...

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Page last updated: Friday, 13 December 2019