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Geelong is a veritable wonderland of cultural stories and treasures to discover and explore.

Unearth art studios and galleries, striking public artworks, creative spaces and exciting performing arts locations, and find new ways to connect with our Indigenous and post-settlement histories.

The maps

Each of the trails takes a different amount of time to complete. Timings are worked out for the ‘average’ walker and do not include the time you may wish to spend at any one location.

Private property

Some heritage locations are private residences or businesses and are not open to the public. Please respect people’s privacy by only viewing the exteriors of these locations.

If you're interested in discovering more about other historic locations you find along the route, please visit the Geelong Heritage Centre.

Be prepared

If you will be walking a trail or two, remember to wear comfortable clothes and footwear, and bring a hat, sunscreen and bottled water. Always lock your car if leaving it.

Where to start?

Some Trails, such as Central Geelong Trails, are circular, so you can join them at any point.

Others, like the Bayside Bollards Trail, are best started at either end.

Visit Central Geelong website for a Central Geelong Parking Map.


The Trails have been designed to include the safest walking paths, but please take care, especially where the trail crosses a thoroughfare or where the path is uneven (for example: where the Central Geelong Trail crosses Garden Street to the Geelong Botanic Gardens, and to the entrance to Cunningham Pier).

If you choose to diverge from the trail, please use appropriate crossing points.


Toilet facilities are depicted on the map.


There are many cafés, restaurants & pubs along the trails. Visit these websites for more information on dining, entertainment and shopping options in Geelong and the Bellarine:

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Page last updated: Wednesday, 14 March 2018