Asbestos in the home

If you are renovating a house built or renovated before the late 1980s you need to be aware of asbestos.

Asbestos may be present in materials such as vinyl floor tiles, cement roof sheeting and wall lining.

In general asbestos in building material isn't risky unless the material is damaged or deteriorated, which can easily happen during building works.

We are unable to advise on, or assist with, the handling or removal of asbestos. If you need advice or help to remove asbestos please contact a licensed asbestos removal company.

Properly wrapped and identified domestic quantities of asbestos can be disposed of at the Drysdale Landfill by prior appointment. See disposal of asbestos for more information.

Visit the Victorian EPA, Asbestos Awareness, Asbestos and the Department of Heath Victoria websites for more details.

Page last updated: Monday, 1 June 2020