Option 2A: Two-way separated bike path on western side of High Street

Bikes and cars are separated.  Two-way bike lane forms part of the footpath on the western side, there is reduced on-street parking staggered across both sides, and there is potential to double the number of street trees.

Cycling/pedestrian activity and safety

  • Bikes and cars are separated for improved safety.
  • To improve pedestrian safety and access to shops/businesses:
    • Existing pedestrian crossing at Belmont Library to remain, but in the form of a wide, flat speed bump.
    • Two new pedestrian crossings (without signals): one between Aldi and Westpac and the other between Bike Power and Noodle Canteen.

Car parking

  • On-street car parking to be staggered across both sides of the road:
    • Roslyn Road to Regent Street: parking alternates from one side of the street to the other. 43 existing parks would be reduced to approximately 27.
    • Regent Street to Mt Pleasant Road: All parking on eastern side to be rstrongoved. 40 existing parks would be reduced to approximately 26.
  • Cars to be directed (through improved signage) to off-street car parks.

Street amenity/beautification

  • Provides an opportunity to double the number of trees on High Street to create a more lush and leafy environment.

Traffic movement

  • Right turning lanes on High Street to be removed but cars would still be able to turn right into car parks and streets.
  • 40 kilometre per hour speed limit to remain in place from 7:00am to 7:00pm on High Street, between Roslyn Road and Mount Pleasant Road.

*Impacts are the same for options 2A and 2B

A full set of plans are attached below.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 14 May 2019