Kerbside bin placement

Our garbage trucks have a driver-only mechanical lifting arm.

To make it easier for our drivers to collect your bins:

  • Place your bin close to and facing the kerb, with the bin’s wheels nearest to the house.
  • Ensure that there is half a metre of clearance between each bin.
  • Ensure your bin is not placed under a tree or other overhead obstructions and is at least one metre away from power poles, street signs or other objects that may hinder pick up.
  • Allow at least one metre between your bin and any parked cars as the mechanical arm will not be able to pick up bins from behind parked cars.
  • Ensure your bin lid is closed and that the bin is not overfull.
  • Do not place extra items next to the bin as these cannot be collected.
  • Do not compress the contents of each bin (such as stomping it down to get more in).

Do you live in a court?

To reduce noise and the number of times a truck has to reverse in a court (which helps keep kids and residents safe), place your bins along the straight section of court.

Place bins on the left hand side of the court as the truck would drive into the court.

Be mindful that you are placing your bin on someone else’s nature strip and ensure all rubbish is wrapped carefully to avoid litter when it's windy.

Page last updated: Thursday, 27 February 2020