Request bin repairs or replacement

If one of your bins needs to be repaired or replaced, please complete the following steps.

Before completing our online form, leave the bin on the nature strip as our bin repair man sweeps through the municipality in sections and outside of business hours.

You will need to tell us:

  • which bins need repairing

  • what part of the bin has been damaged

  • your location/address - you may prefer to select the address by dragging the map marker

  • your name

  • your contact email or phone.

Request bin repairs or replacement  

Alternatively, you may wish to speak with our customer service team.

Depending on the condition of your bin/s, we will arrange for them to be repaired or replaced. This may take:

  • two to three working days for replacement and
  • five days for repairs under normal circumstances.

There is no charge for either repairing or replacing your household waste, recycling or green waste bin.

You can still use your bin during this time. Your bin can also be placed out for collection on the correct days.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, 24 February 2021