Fencing abutting Council land

Following a revision to the Fences Amendment Act 2014, Council is no longer required to contribute to the cost of constructing fences along public parks and reserves.

Following a revision to the Fences Amendment Act 2014, where boundary fencing abuts Council owned carparks and community facilities (community buildings - halls, libraries, etc), Council will still contribute half the cost of erecting a new fence or repairs/replacement of an existing fence.

Fencing that abuts a road, laneway, right-of-way, public parks and reserves remains the full responsibility of the property owner.

Please direct all enquiries relating to fencing at:

  1. Community Facilities (Community Buildings - Halls, Libraries etc) - Philip Pavey, Property & Procurement on 03 5272 4982
  2. Carparks - Chris Marston, Infrastructure Management on 03 5272 4644

Fencing standards

Where Council is responsible to contribute to replacement of fences it agrees to pay the cost of a standard paling fence to a height of 1.65 metres. This height may increase to 1.8 metres with a maximum of 1.95 metres with our approval.

We will also contribute half the cost of the demolition and removal of the existing fence.

Fencing contractors

Fencing contractors carrying out these works must either be a preferred supplier or an existing approved contractor. These contractors must have supplied the required documentation to us.

You must obtain two quotes from either our preferred suppliers or an existing approved contractor.

Crown Land

Properties that abut recreational reserves that is Crown Land are not our responsibility. You will need to contact the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 12 February 2020