Aluminium composite panelling on buildings in Greater Geelong

Friday, 15 September 2017 5:06 PM

We issued this response to the Geelong Indy’s query regarding the possibility of aluminium composite panelling on buildings in Greater Geelong. 

Geoff Lawler - Acting Director Planning and Development

Following preliminary surveys conducted by the City of Greater Geelong,  we are aware of a small number of buildings in Greater Geelong that may contain aluminium composite panelling.  The buildings identified are a mix of residential and commercial occupancies and none of these buildings are Council-owned.

Further research is required to determine the exact composition of the external wall material.  We will deal with the building owners if necessary.

We will be working with the Victorian Building Authority, the responsible agency for this matter, to ensure our actions are consistent with state-wide requirements.

We are pleased to note that Deakin University and the Epworth Hospital have publicly announced their intention to rectify the panelling on their buildings. 

We can confirm that the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre does not contain aluminium composite panelling. 

For any information on Simonds Stadium you would need to refer to the Victorian Building Authority.

Page last updated: Monday, 18 September 2017