Check Your Deck

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 12:30 PM

Many of us entertain family and friends on our decks and balconies.

Check Your Deck

But each year people suffer serious injuries as the result of deck and balcony-related accidents.

Accidents commonly include falls due to the collapse of decks or balustrades. Also slippery surfaces, broken boards or poorly constructed steps.

The structural safety of your deck or balcony can be affected by termites, wet rot, living by the sea and loadings such as heavy pot plants and outdoor furniture.


Check your deck today

Whether your deck or balcony is made of timber, steel or concrete you will need to regularly inspect and maintain it.

Learn more about maintaining your balcony or deck on the Victorian Building Authority website.

Copies of the Building Commission Maintenance of Balconies brochure are also available from our office at 100 Brougham Street in Geelong.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, 19 December 2017