Comcare Campaign

We are driving a major push by a consortium of Geelong’s leading organisations in a bid to relocate the Federal Government’s national insurance agency Comcare to Geelong.

Our ambitious bid

Currently based in Canberra, Comcare was established under the Commonwealth’s Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 and currently employs more than 650 people across Australia.

Our ambitious bid is in response to the recent inquiries by both the Senate and House of Representatives into the decentralisation of government bodies to regional areas, such as Geelong.

We are being joined in the bid by the Committee for Geelong, G21-Geelong Region Alliance, the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and WorkSafe. The bid is also supported by the Victorian Government.

Central to the Geelong bid is the successful history of the relocation of other government agencies such as the TAC, WorkSafe and the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the choice of Geelong as the national headquarters for the newly formed National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Geelong can clearly demonstrate a proven capacity to welcome and support agencies like Comcare, as part of the burgeoning social insurance sector.

Due to the very successful transition of the TAC and more recently WorkSafe, we believe the addition of Comcare will only further enhance Geelong’s reputation as a centre of excellence in social insurance.

The advantages for Comcare and its staff in relocating to the waterfront city include affordable housing, an enviable lifestyle, an experienced workforce, a supportive corporate community and an easy drive to Melbourne.

Our then CEO, Kelvin Spiller, led a delegation of Geelong representatives to Canberra on 13 September 2017 to meet with Government and Opposition MPs to argue Geelong’s case for the relocation of Comcare.

The delegation received a warm response in Canberra by Ministers and senior advisers, who were presented with the Comcare bid document.

The second delegation led by the City of Greater Geelong went to Canberra on 20 June 2018. The delegates for this visit were Deputy Mayor - Peter Murrihy, CEO G21 - Elaine Carbines, CEO Committee for Geelong - Rebecca Casson and CEO TAC - Joe Calafiore. A strong advocacy case for the relocation of Comcare has been further bolstered with an economic benefits report commissioned from REMPLAN. This document outlines the key economic benefits of the relocation to Geelong and was presented to Federal Ministers during the June visit.

For more information, contact Economic Development at [email protected]

Geelong leaders pitch for Comcare

Wednesday 20 June 2018

New research shows the significant economic benefits that could be achieved by bringing Comcare’s Canberra and Melbourne offices to Geelong.

City of Greater Geelong Acting Mayor Peter Murrihy, TAC CEO Joe Calafiore, Committee for Geelong CEO Rebecca Casson and G21 CEO Elaine Carbines have delivered this research in an economic benefits report to a number of ministers this week in Canberra. 

In a proactive move to keep Geelong ‘top of mind’ should the Federal Government decide to decentralise Comcare, the delegation has highlighted the significant economic benefits of moving the Canberra and Melbourne Comcare offices to Geelong, including:

  • $550 million economic output generated annually in Greater Geelong (economic boost of 1.93%)
  • creation of 1,390 ongoing jobs (600 new direct jobs and an additional 790 indirect jobs due to the supply chain and consumption impacts after full relocation)
  • factoring in the potential impact of relocating families, the total number of ongoing jobs added to the local economy could be as high as 1,871 jobs
  • support 86 local jobs during construction of a new building (or 315 Victorian jobs)
  • this single project could boost Gross Regional Product by approximately 1.98% (this is significant because it is half the average annual increase experienced in Greater Geelong in recent years)
  • increase in population by 1,363 people and demand for an additional 559 dwellings.

Learn more about the Canberra visit.

Comcare update

Friday, 22 June 2018

We issued a media statement providing an update to the Geelong Advertiser about the Comcare delegation’s meetings in Canberra today. 

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