We are delivering a series of Central Geelong and Waterfront business actions that will create a vibrant and active city centre.

The aim of the projects are to ensure:

  • more people living, working, learning and playing in Central Geelong

  • great infrastructure and

  • smart investment.

Priority business actions

To achieve the objectives and targets of the Central Geelong and Waterfront business actions, four priority activities will be developed:

  • Investment attraction

    Stimulate greater levels of investment in Central Geelong and greater collaboration between the public and private sectors, through two grants programs, the Major Heritage Fund and Business Presentation Incentive Program. The Central Geelong Business Facilitation Program is another funding program in 2018-19 for businesses to support the creation of a vibrant and active city centre.

  • Postcode 3220

    Increase the number of people living in the City making it a safer, more vibrant and mixed use area. Encourage the redevelopment of underutilized sites and floor space especially upper levels, as well as adaptive re-use of heritage buildings to enable more people to enjoy city living.

  • Making our property assets work harder and develop employment opportunities

    Identify the current use of floor space in the city centre to shape business decisions, identify employment opportunities, inform policy and infrastructure needs and understand public transport requirements into the future. This information will be collected through Central Geelong CLUE data (Census of Land Use and Employment).

  • Support the growth of Waterfront tourism

    Geelong has the highest annual tourist visitation after Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. The Mineral Spa and Wellness Centre project will complement existing attractions as well as provide a valuable resource to the community. The Mineral Spa and Wellness Centre will be a key landmark destination for visitors all over the world, and add to the investment and attraction objectives for Central Geelong and Waterfront.