Write about Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future

Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future will guide the region’s development over the next 30 years.

Learn how to:

How to reference it

Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future the correct title of the 30-year vision for the Greater Geelong region. Do not refer to it as a plan.

Call it either:

  • a vision (community-led vision, guiding vision, vision document) or
  • a guide (guide for decision-makers or guiding document).

clever and creative is a shorthand way to refer to our 30-year vision. Note all in lower case (except if used at the start of a sentence) and no quotation marks.

Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future is a vision for the whole of our region. It should not be referred to in the context of Geelong in isolation. The correct and inclusive term is Greater Geelong

How to describe it

Representing the voices of more than 16,000 members of our community, Greater Geelong: A Clever and Creative Future is a guide for all levels of government, community organisations, businesses and anyone wanting to make a genuine contribution to our city-region.

How to describe the clever and creative concept

Clever and creative is about developing a consistent approach to get things done. It’s about collaborating to address our challenges and opportunities, embracing innovation, and new ways of doing things. And it’s not just for the tech-savvy or emerging industries - it applies to everyone, and all business sectors and industries.

How to describe the relationship between the aspirations and the clever and creative vision

At the heart of our community’s vision for Greater Geelong to be recognised regionally, nationally and internationally as a clever and creative city-region are a series of aspirations developed by the community that are focused on our region’s economy and employment, the environment, arts and culture, transport connections, tourism, efficient and equitable digital access, and good governance.

For a city-region to be successful, it must be connected, prosperous, creative, sustainable and resilient, and designed for people. Our community’s aspirations support these elements, while driving our vision to become a clever and creative city-region.

How you can use the clever and creative vision

The clever and creative vision, along with its community-led aspirations, can be used to demonstrate support community for projects and initiatives that your department may be involved with.

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Page last updated: Friday, 4 September 2020