A leader in developing and adopting technology

The Greater Geelong community values

  • Opportunities enabled by technology;
  • Internet availability and speed;
  • Assistive technology seamlessly embedded into the environment.

Success will be achieved by

  • A variety of affordable technologies providing digital access to information on demand;
  • Attracting innovative and high technology businesses;
  • A community and workforce with the capacity to use digital technology;
  • Training in future digital jobs;
  • Assistive technologies embedded into infrastructure;
  • Free connectivity throughout the public places;
  • Growth in smart home automation.

CADET Virtual Reality Lab at Deakin University

Latest project

Digital Innovation Festival

The Digital Innovation Festival (DIF) ran over two weeks from 23 August to 6 September 2019 to demonstrate and promote technology innovation across every sector of the economy and society.

An inclusive event, from the digital innovation novice, to someone considered an expert in their field, DIF embraced a collaborative learning and contributory mindset across the entire community.

The festival seeks to support growth of the digital economy and creation of jobs. It aims to contribute to the success of businesses across all major industry sectors and to foster an inclusive society for all Victorians.

The Digital Innovation Festival seeks to engage and inspire all elements of the innovation ecosystem and drive industry, entrepreneurs and community to not only be different but make a difference through digital technology.

The 2019 festival navigated issues about three main themes:

  1. Emerging technology
    Provided opportunities for Victorians and visitors to engage with emerging tech such as AI, blockchain, data analytics, cybersecurity, biotech, IoT, robotics and more.

    Events explored what changes will mean for business owners, investors, educators and students, community groups and government.
  2. Future jobs
    Encouraging consideration of the digital technology requirements of tomorrow's workforce.

    It presented events that explored the impact of technology on jobs - which jobs will be automated, which augmented by technology and what new jobs will be created.
  3. Digital inclusion
    Socially minded entrepreneurs use digital tools to make society better, creating unique solutions to address complex problems like homelessness or domestic violence.

    DIF2019 showcased Victoria's tech for good movement which is actively driving digital social innovation and championing digital inclusion.

Measures of success

Indicator Current data

Digital inclusion – Australian Digital Inclusive Index (ADII) score greater than 70.

Source: The Australian Digital Inclusion Index Report 2018. Frequency of data: Annually
Geelong 58.7 (2018)
Geelong 60.0 (2017)
Figure amended from previously reported due to data adjustments and methodology changes.

Technological business – An increase in the number of technology based businesses.

Source: To be determined
Measure to be determined