Appendix B: Development of Adaptation Actions Worksheets

Appendix B of the Climate Change Adaptation ToolKit.

Activity 1: Brainstorming Adaptation Actions

  • point of intervention: can we reduce exposure, reduce sensitivity or increase our adaptive capacity?
  • potential methods of intervention. For example: accepting impacts, loss prevention, behaviour modification
A blank page is provided to brainstorm on to.


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Activity 2: Exploring an Adaptation Action

Risk name:
Exploring adaptation actions
  1. What is the organisation’s control or responsibility over any or all aspects of the adaptation action?
  2. Does the action ‘lock in’ outcomes? Are the outcomes robust under different futures?*
  3. Describe the assumptions that underpin the effectiveness of the adaptation action? How reliable are the assumptions in light of future uncertainty?*
  4. Describe the equity implications of the adaptation  action*
  5. How will the adaptation action interact or respond to other stressors and trends?*
  6. Is there an event that should trigger the implementation of the adaptation action? What is that event?
  7. What are the barriers, if any, to implementing or adopting the action?*
  8. Describe the high level benefits of the adaptation action. Describe the high level costs of the action. Do the potential costs outweigh the potential benefit?
  9. Describe the drivers behind making a decision whether to implement this adaptation action.*
  10. Does the adaptation action demonstrate the key properties of a robust adaptation  action?*
    1. Remain viable under the widest range of probable climate futures.
    2. Be insensitive to broken assumptions.
    3. Increase flexibility and preserve option value (where possible).
    4. Maximise their value when planned as part of a portfolio of actions.
    5. Build resilience and redundancy into physical, organisational and social systems.
    6. Be implemented within planned budgets or based on evidence that is good enough to justify budget/revenue increases

* recommend using scenarios to assist in answering these questions


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Activity 3: Evaluating an Adaptation Action

What does the action require or should it be:
  1. Implemented immediately
  2. Conduct a further assessment  to determine feasibility
  3. Return to earlier stages of this process and obtain basic information on the risk or the adaptation action
  4. Redesign action
  5. Defer adaptation action for future implementation.
Briefly justify your selection:


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Activity 4: Prioritising Adaptation Actions

This could be the basis for your adaptation action register.

Action - describe the adaptation action to be implemented Assign priority
Relevant implementation/timing considerations or other notes Designate responsibility for implementation/monitoring

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