Councillor Eddy Kontelj

Councillor Kontelj’s parents fled a war torn country to build a better life for their children here in Geelong.

Being elected a councillor to the City of Greater Geelong Council and having the ability to give back to this great community and region, is the ultimate privilege and honour for Councillor Kontelj.

Born, raised and educated in Geelong, his passion for Geelong and the region runs deep. Councillor Kontelj’s family has an extremely strong and long standing connection to Geelong. Having previously represented the wonderful people of Geelong as a City of Greater Geelong councillor between 2010–2016, and being a husband and father to three daughters, he has a genuine interest in community and the environment we work, live and play in.

Councillor Kontelj is currently the Managing Director of a large Caterpillar equipment dealer in Victoria and Tasmania and also the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Slovenia – Victoria.

During this term of council, Councillor Kontelj will work with the community, council, relevant stakeholders and fellow councillors to develop, build and foster a welcoming, diverse, safe and healthy environment which provides all Geelong residents, visitors and investors appropriate and equitable opportunities to achieve their aspirations in all aspects of community, career, business and family life.

Affordable and flexible parking options in the Central Business District (CBD), particularly around city hospitals, and hard waste collection solutions are just two of the initiatives he will be advocating to identify and implement.

Delivery of efficient and effective services to minimise community financial burden will also be a priority in order to continue to invest in vital infrastructure and to actively help and support valuable organisations that represent the best interest of our community, youth, families, our precious elderly, sporting clubs and our respected military veterans.

Councillor Kontelj’s love for Geelong is based on the passionate and diverse community we live in while enjoying all the region has to offer, such as our beautiful bay and rivers, breathtaking coastline, healthy rural surroundings and city offerings.

Our potential and ambitions should only be limited by our imagination.


  • Environment (Chair)
  • Central and Civic Geelong (Deputy Co-Chair)
  • Sport and Recreation (Deputy Chair)


  • CEO Employment Matters Committee
  • Multicultural Action Plan Committee
  • G21 Sports and Recreation Pillar
  • G21 Environment Pillar

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