Council’s commitment to gender equity continues

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Council has noted the Ba-gurrk Gender Equity Framework – Foundational Implementation Plan 2019-2022, highlighting its continuing commitment to equality and inclusiveness in the Greater Geelong region.

The implementation plan outlines what actions will be taken over the next three years to contribute towards achieving gender equality at the City of Greater Geelong and in the broader community.

Short, medium and long-term strategies based on the themes of ‘Leadership’, ‘Organisational policies and procedures’ and ‘Community’ are outlined in the plan, including:

  • Evaluate City of Greater Geelong employee uptake of flexible working arrangements and work-life balance;
  • Promote women in non-traditional trades;
  • Develop a gender mapping tool to capture community rates of discrimination and harassment complaints; and
  • Establish an internal working group to carry out the action plan and monitor its progress.

This action plan is part of the City’s mission to prevent violence against women through a whole of community approach, recognising that gender inequality is a key driver of violence.

The Ba-gurrk Gender Equity Framework was adopted by council in February and identifies current research, policy and community expectations to achieve gender equality. It is based on consultation with community members, government and non-government organisations, as well as City staff.

The framework includes a focus on building community capacity for women to get elected to council and aligns the City with the state government’s 2025 goal of achieving 50-50 representation of women and men voted into local government.

‘Ba-gurrk’ is the Wadawurrung word for ‘Woman’ and has been used in the framework’s title to recognise the region’s Wadawurrung traditional owners.

Greater Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood

Our region is always striving to be a more fair and inclusive community, as we work to change attitudes and behaviour that negatively impact women.

There is a lot of work to do but this implementation plan is a step in the right direction, towards a society with equality for all and without gender violence.

Councillor Sarah Mansfield, Chair, An Inclusive and Diverse Community portfolio

This plan sets out some quite ambitious actions and aspirations to be achieved during the next three years.

There are some very positive aspects to the plan, in particular around promoting gender equity in leadership roles, both in elected positions and within the City of Greater Geelong organisation.

I think it’s important that our council, as best as possible, reflects the make-up of the community we represent, and at the moment it doesn’t quite achieve this. There are so many women out there in Greater Geelong who have the skills and knowledge to run for local government, but we need to offer them more encouragement and support to put their names forward.

I hope as councillors we can do our bit to support the success of this action plan.

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