Significant progress made by the City in last quarter

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Council has noted the ‘Transformation Program 2.0 – December 2019 update’ report, which tracks the City’s progress against the actions recommended by the 2016 Commission of Inquiry.

With 18 of 28 projects now complete or close to completion and operating as ‘business as usual’, the program moved into phase two in 2019.

Phase two narrowed the focus to the 10 remaining projects, divided into six key focus areas.

These are listed below with a brief update on each area, as outlined in the report presented to council during last night’s meeting. The report provides an update on work completed up to the end of the last quarter.

Civic accommodation

Quintessential Equity was awarded the contract for the construction of the new Civic Precinct at 137 Mercer Street and the new central administration office design was unveiled to City staff and the community in October 2019. Construction Project Planning has started and customer workshops are underway to help guide the design of the Civic Precinct customer entrance design.

Digital modernisation

Customers have been consulted to understand their current experiences with the City and an online bookings project has started, to support the delivery of the Digital Modernisation Project. The Digital Modernisation Project aims to improve the community’s access to services and provide a better customer experience, as well as making the City’s operations more efficient.

Asset management

The Asset Management Transformation Resource Proposal has been developed, while the Asset Management Policy was approved by Policy Review Committee. Council released the draft Social Infrastructure Planning and Investment Policy for community feedback in July 2019. Draft Social Infrastructure Plan priorities have informed the 2020/21 budget process.

Advocacy and stakeholder management

Corporate affairs tasks have been centralised to include community engagement, advocacy, communications, marketing and stakeholder management. Recruitment has also started for an Advocacy Lead.

People and culture

More than 900 employees attended 68 ‘Working Better Together’ focus groups and feedback sessions have also taken place. ‘Working Better Together’ face-to-face feedback sessions were held in November 2019, with one session live streamed to staff who couldn’t attend. Recruitment is underway for management positions within People and Culture including in the area of Employee Experience.

Service planning and review

A five-year Service Planning Framework has been set, as well as a 2020 Service Planning timeline.                                                                        

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

It’s good to see the City in better shape and making significant strides in the Transformation Program, particularly in People and Culture with the ‘Working Better Together’ initiative.

The development of the Civic Precinct has also been exciting to be involved in and I’m pleased community members have been putting on their thinking caps to come up with ideas on the design of the public space.

Councillor Kylie Grzybek, Deputy Chair, Leadership and Governance portfolio - Deputy Mayor

I’m proud the City has come a long way since the results of the 2016 Commission of Inquiry, but there is still more work to be done.

The community can be assured the City is highly motivated to complete the 10 remaining projects thoroughly and effectively.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 February 2020