Councillor expenses

The Councillors Expenses and Facilities Policy supports requirements of the Local Government Act 1989.

With specific reference to sections 74 and 75, this policy provides an overview of how the Council provides assistance and support to the Mayor and Councillors in carrying out their civic duties as Councillors.

Council has determined that a summary of Councillor expenses be published on our website. The following is a general guide to various inclusions within the table of expenses.

Functions attendance

This category covers attendance by Councillors at functions for which an attendance charge applies.  For example:
  • community and business lunches
  • breakfasts
  • hospitality
  • associated child care and 
  • one-off information sessions.
These are normally held by community organisations, local government related organisations, professional bodies and institutions, or private sector providers on areas and events which impact on the role of Councillors and the City in general.

Vehicle travel

Costs incurred in the use of a Councillor's private vehicle to attend meetings, functions and other commitments within and outside the municipality are reimbursed in accordance with the Policy.

Travel claims are reimbursed at the rates prescribed in the Local Authorities Victoria Award 2001.


This category covers costs for use of taxi services incurred in attending meetings, functions and other commitments within and outside the municipality.

Councillors are issued with cabcharge cards enabling the use of taxis within Victoria or interstate.

Corporate costs

There are a variety of ad-hoc costs associated with the role of Councillors or their Portfolios. Such items include:
  • organisation membership
  • newspapers and publications
  • petty cash
  • stationery
  • office items and
  • childcare.


We provide a range of communication levels to ensure Councillors are accessible and are able to communicate while conducting Council business.

This category comprises costs associated with use of:
  • mobile phones
  • surfacepro
  • iPads and
  • data services for internet access.

Rapidly changing technology has delivered a range of services to meet the different needs of Councillors. Consequently the type of services used may vary from one councillor to another.

Training and development

Councillors are encouraged to participate in training courses, seminars, conferences and meetings which relate to their Portfolio or Councillor responsibilities.

Many of these are conducted by Government bodies (Federal, State or Local), educational or professional institutions.

Travel and accommodation

Costs reported are associated with Councillors travelling interstate, overseas or outside the Geelong region on Council business, as approved, in accordance with the Councillor Expenses & Facilities Policy.

This include:
  • airfares
  • accommodation
  • visas
  • passport costs
  • car hire
  • meals and hospitality and 
  • ancillary expenses.

Conference registration fees are generally covered under Training and Development.

Table of expenses

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