Councillor Bruce Harwood

Councillor Bruce Harwood ran for Council so he could be actively involved in the decision making and future direction of our city.

Councillor Bruce Harwood was born and raised in Geelong, attending Geelong College, Deakin University and Gordon TAFE.

A life member of the Geelong Amateur Football and Netball Club and member of the Geelong Cycling Club, the Geelong Environment Council and Geelong Regional Libraries, Councillor Harwood is connected with the Geelong community and has strong family connections throughout the region.

Councillor Harwood is looking forward to being part of a united council that listens to the community and acts with purpose and direction. Other priorities include working with the community and partners to pursue outcomes that help define Geelong as a ‘Smart City’.

One of the many things Councillor Harwood loves about Geelong is the environment of the bush, the beach and the bay.


  • Central and Civic Geelong (Deputy Co-Chair)
  • Transport and Connections (Deputy Co-Chair)
  • Waste Management (Deputy Co-Chair)


  • Central Administrative Office Advisory Committee
  • G21 Economic Development Pillar (Chair)
  • G21 Transport Pillar
  • Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group Committee Forum

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