Councillor Sarah Mansfield

Councillor Mansfield wants to help build a healthier, more sustainable, more inclusive Geelong.

Councillor Mansfield moved to Geelong in 2011 to be with her husband. She works as a GP and at Deakin University. She loves living in Geelong and considers it home.

It’s exciting to see it grow, but we need Geelong to be a healthy environment  to live and work, with sustainable development and a culture that includes everyone.

As Councillor, she wants to:

  • be accessible to members of the community, and promote transparency and engagement
  • consider the impact of all decisions that come before council on equity, health, wellbeing, and the environment
  • increase cycling and walking routes to build a safer and better connected Geelong
  • ensure we stick to existing commitments to achieve a more sustainable future, such as the Zero Carbon Emissions strategy
  • make early childhood services more inclusive of the whole family
  • ensure our sports clubs have facilities to grow female participation
  • support local arts to create more vibrant communities.

Councillor Mansfield loves a lot about Geelong, but one of her favourite things is the sense of community.

There is a strength and resilience in our city that means we can face whatever challenges come our way.


  • Social Inclusion (Chair)
  • Community Health, Wellbeing and Safety (Deputy Chair)
  • Environment (Deputy Co-Chair)


  • The Karreenga Aboriginal Advisory Committee
  • G21 Environment Pillar
  • G21 Education and Training Pillar

If you would like to make a comment about a service, or require information or action in relation to an issue, you can:

Page last updated: Wednesday, 27 November 2019