Councillor Ron Nelson

Councillor Ron Nelson ran for council so Geelong residents and local businesses had true representation.

Councillor Nelson will continue the fight to save his community’s amenity, and also be a considered voice in Geelong’s growth and development.

Raised and educated in Geelong, Councillor Nelson is passionate and excited about fulfilling the potential and opportunities that lie ahead for our city.

He has been extremely active in the community and has a long track record of community service. He has supported his local cricket and football clubs for over 30 years and feels privileged to be involved with many wonderful charities such as Give Where You Live, Beyond Blue, Relay for Life and Rotary. Such community involvement has instilled a deep connection with Geelong people and a real understanding of the issues facing local residents and small businesses.

Councillor Nelson would like community faith restored by council working collaboratively to further opportunities for residents and businesses. He believes that while we need a long-term vision for Geelong, council must focus immediate attention on economically meeting core responsibilities.

Greater Geelong requires work on its roads, the reintroduction of hard rubbish collection, more parking and future proofing our community amenities and local libraries. Council must reduce debt through sound economic management and finalise plans for important infrastructure projects.

A convention centre will bring economic benefits to the broader community, and appropriate civic accommodation will reduce annual spending and boost staff productivity and morale.

Councillor Nelson loves Geelong’s sense of community, its recreational facilities, proximity to the Surf Coast and Melbourne, and the jewel in our city’s crown - our fantastic North facing bay with diverse events accessible to us all.


  • Sport and Recreation (Chair)
  • Waste Management (Chair)
  • Tourism and Events (Deputy Co-Chair)


  • Geelong Major Events
  • Geelong Regional Library Corporation
  • Central Administrative Office Advisory Committee
  • G21 Sports and Recreation Pillar

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