Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs - For Planning and Building Services

Frequently asked questions relating to the City's Planning, Building and Engineering services during the coronavirus situation.

How has planning and development been impacted in our region?

The City remains committed to working with development industry to keep projects moving and collaborate using alternative forms of communications. Staff are working from home and teams are managing well with change of environment and technology. Meetings are being held with online conferencing facilities.  

Has the planning permit application process changed?
The City is still processing applications, which can be lodged online. Pre-application meetings are currently being held via phone, using email for plan submissions.

Are decision-making committee meetings still being held?
External meetings and decision-making committee meetings continue to be held using online conferencing tools.

Can Section 173 agreements still be made?

We are working on developing a process to enable Section 173 agreements to be continued to be signed and sent out. We will work directly with parties requiring Section 173 agreements during this time.

Are consultation meetings still happening?
No, due to social distancing requirements we have temporarily suspended consultation meetings with applicants and objectors during this time.

Can I still get certification and Statement of Compliance for a subdivision?
Yes, the certification and statement of compliance process for all subdivisions is still continuing as usual, with all communication via email or phone.

Can I apply to temporarily extend construction hours due to impacts from COVID-19 restrictions?

In response to COVID-19 impacts on the construction industry, the City is considering applications for temporary changes to operating hours on construction sites on a case-by-case basis. Applications are restricted to multi-storey commercial, multi-storey large residential and mixed-use developments. Suburban residential development cannot be considered as the EPA Residential Noise Regulations apply and cannot be varied. The application process will include consultation with nearby residents.  For more information please contact our Environmental Health team at [email protected]



Strategic planning

Are strategic planning projects continuing?

 Yes, our strategic planning program is continuing. Projects such as the Northern and Western Growth Areas PSPs, Geelong Saleyards Precinct Plan and Marshall PSP are at vary stages of the preparation and technical work is continuing.

Will community consultation be continuing?

Each project is being assessed on a case by case basis as to when and how consultation will occur. The Pakington Street and Gordon Avenue Urban Design Framework in on consultation now. Due to social distancing requirements the consultation program is being revised. Additional time will be provided for submissions and online consultation meetings will be held. Further details will be released soon. 

Can I make a development contributions payment?
Yes, community infrastructure levy payments can be made over the phone by calling 5272 5272.
When submitting requests for development contributions assessments or CIL enquiries please copy in [email protected] to ensure a timely response in the event of staff absences.

How do I lodge a building permit application?
Building permit applications can still be lodged via email and post. During this time, payment is only accepted via the credit card authority form.

Are building inspections still taking place?
Yes, building inspections, including emergency inspections are continuing as necessary, with all inspectors adhering to social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are site inspections still taking place?
Yes, all inspections including vehicle crossing and reinstatement works are continuing as necessary, with all inspectors adhering to social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Are engineering plans being checked and approved?
Yes, our processes allow for plans to be checked and approved electronically.

Are engineering meetings being held and are engineers available for enquiries?
Yes, we are continuing to hold meetings using online conferencing tools.

How do I lodge a ‘duplicate’ permit while Customer Service Centres are closed?
We are still taking applications for Vehicle Crossing, Working Within Road Reserve and Asset Protection permits. We are working to get these applications online in the meantime please contact us on 5272 5272 to request an application. 

Page last updated: Tuesday, 5 October 2021