Geelong Independent Living Home

Geelong Independent living home currently consist of 13 rooms for residents that are unfortunate, vulnerable disadvantage of the Local Community. Residents do not drive car, and receive few visitors so car parking is not a issue. 

We have staff on duty. All our staff are permanent and we do not use agency staff the staff are well trained to support residents. Residents are provided with meals, support staff , there rooms are cleaned we have a communal laundry, dinning ,lounge and recreation room. 

Our in house is centrally located close to medical clinics, taxi services and Community Services being provided to our resident in our environment. 

We are providing a service that is not being provided by the government and not funded by DHS .

Listing details

Address: 40 Summit Avenue, Belmont 3216 VIC Australia
Organisation type: Private business

Contact: Joanne Tomada
Phone: 03 5243 2261
Mobile: 0411 273 166
Fax: 03 5244 5879

Eligibility: Under 60 years of age.
Waiting list: No
Volunteer opportunities: Yes