Central Geelong Marketing Delegated Committee

Geelong Marketing Delegated Committee - Terms of Reference Version: 01
Approval Date: 1 September 2020
Approved by: Council
Review Date: 30 June 2021
Responsible Officer Director, Economy, Investment and Attraction
Authorising Officer Chief Executive Officer

1. Background

  1. By this Terms of Reference document, the Greater Geelong City Council (Council) establishes the Central Geelong Marketing Delegated Committee (Committee) pursuant to section 63 of the Local Government Act 2020 (LGA).

    The Committee is committed to maintaining the Central Geelong Area as the commercial centre for the Geelong Region, representing the hub for a number of higher-order activities.  It has made it quite clear from the outset however, that to achieve this will require business helping itself and therefore the success of the whole program will depend upon the harnessing of a partnership between Council, Central Geelong businesses and the community.

    Council has established a Centre Marketing Body that will play a major role in helping shape and promote the business environment.

    Centre Marketing deals with the way the centre operates, the mix of businesses, the way businesses are promoted and marketed and the image of the centre.  It enables the centre to act as a single entity for its combined strength and resources to be focused in the most efficient fashion.

    Management systems similar to this already exist in more than 60 business/retail activity centres in Victoria.  These management bodies are generally funded through special rate schemes levied on the property owners in the centre through a variety of mechanisms.  The Committee is drawn from the businesses and property owners in the centre and is supported and facilitated by the local Council.  The Central Geelong Marketing Coordinator will be employed to manage its functions including the development, implementation and resourcing of the committee’s marketing and development initiatives as detailed in the strategic plan. Adequate resources shall be provided to assist the effective operation of the Central Geelong Marketing Committee including council support services such as IT, OD and Finance and the physical provision of appropriate office accommodation and facilities.
  2. The Committee has the powers, duties and functions of Council as set out in these Terms of Reference and its Instrument of Delegation.  These Terms of Reference set out the structure and basis on which the Committee can make decisions for and on behalf of Council.
  3. These Terms of Reference are authorised by a resolution Council passed on 1 September 2020.

2. Purpose

The Committee is established for the purpose of:

  1. Overseeing the development of a five year strategic plan for Central Geelong Marketing; and
  2. Overseeing the development and implementation of an annual activities plan for Central Geelong Marketing.

3. Objectives

Mission Statement

The role of the Central Geelong Marketing Committee is to market and promote Central Geelong in a coordinated and integrated manner aimed at enhancing its economic and social viability and its general amenity, making it an exciting and vibrant focus for the whole of the Geelong region.

The Central Geelong Marketing Committee will be considered by Council and other stakeholders as the peak body representing the traders and property owners in the Central Geelong area. The Committee will pursue and initiate activities aimed at:

  1. Increasing the number of visitors to Central Geelong e.g. to streamline Council’s decision-making processes;
  2. Promoting business activities in Central Geelong;
  3. Providing opportunities for the businesses and organisations in Central Geelong to network, exchange information and work in a cooperative fashion;
  4. To provide the businesses in the City with a central marketing focus;
  5. To improve Stakeholders Perceptions of Central Geelong; and
  6. To establish an ongoing viable Marketing Program for Central Geelong.

4. Roles and Responsibility

The role of the Committee is:

  1. To exercise Council’s powers and carry out Council’s duties and functions, in accordance with these Terms of Reference and as permitted by the Instrument of Delegation, for Central Geelong Marketing.

5. Delegation of powers, duties and functions

  1. In order to fulfil and carry out its purposes and objectives Council has delegated to the Committee, pursuant to section 63 of the LGA, the powers, duties and functions set out in the Instrument of Delegation made by Council on 1 September 2020 and attached to these Terms of Reference.
  2. The powers, duties and functions of Council conferred on the Committee by these Terms of Reference and Instrument of Delegation must be exercised in accordance with any guidelines or policies that council may from time to time adopt.

6. Expected/definite life of the Committee

  1. The Committee will have a life span of five-years. This period represents the lifespan of the Special Rate (the current special rate scheme is due for expire 30 June 2021).

7. Membership

  1. The Committee is to comprise the following representatives.  Depending upon the area of representation the member may be nominated, selected via a postal ballot of contributors to the special rate or inherit the membership as part of the core function of the position.  Voting members are expected to have a commercial interest in the scheme boundaries (Attachment 4 – Central Geelong Marketing Area Plan) to be eligible for appointment to the Committee. 
  2. The Committee will consist of a minumum of 14 members comprising:
    1. at least two Councillors of Council (one which is Chair);
    2. one member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce;
    3. one member of the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry – South-west region (VECCI);
    4. one representative of the shopping centre known as Westfield Geelong;
    5. one representative of the shopping centre known as Market Square;
    6. one representative of the Arts/Culture sector and based within the special rate scheme boundaries;
    7. four representatives of strip retail/business premises within the special rate scheme boundaries;
    8. one representative from the property management sector and based with the special rate scheme boundaries
    9. A representative nominated by Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine; and
    10. One representative from the Accommodation sector and based within the special rate scheme boundaries.
  3. Membership to the committee is for a period of two years, concluding at June 30 in the year of expiry.  Prior to the completion of these periods, nominations will be sought from the representative organisations and via an election process for nominated positions.
  4. Council Officers who attend the meetings of the Committee are to provide advice and support to the Committee and are not considered Committee members and do not have voting rights.
  5. The Central Geelong Marketing Coordinator will act as Executive Officer to the group.
  6. Each member of the Committee has and may exercise one equal vote on any question before the Committee for determination.
  7. Should a vacancy arise within the strip retail and arts sector areas the vacancy may be filled by the next eligible candidate in order of votes cast at the previous election. Otherwise nominations for these positions will be sought via a general ballot of contributors.
  8. The Committee may invite additional individuals or representatives including Council Officers to attend meetings in order to respond to issues that arise during its lifespan.
  9. The Committee will, from time to time, review the membership and structure and identify the most appropriate composition for the ongoing management of the centre with approval from Council.
  10. The failure to attend 3 consecutive meetings in any one-year without reasonable grounds will result in dismissal from the Committee.  In such instances a replacement for the position will be sought as per the process applicable to the position on the Committee.

8. Meetings

  1. Unless Council resolves otherwise, Committee meetings must be conducted in accordance with:
    1. Council’s Governance Rules;
    2. Part 3, Division 2 of the LGA; and 
    3. The Committee’s discretion, as exercised from time to time.
  2. The Committee will meet on a monthly basis or as agreed by the Committee from time to time.
  3. A quorum of the Committee will be half of the members plus one.
  4. Voting will be by a majority of votes by a show of hands. Only members in attendance are entitled to vote. The Chairperson shall have the casting vote in the event of an equality of votes.
  5. Sub committees may be appointed by the Committee and meet between general meetings and as authorised by the full Committee.  Sub committees do not have any delegated powers.

9. Reporting

  1. The Committee is responsible for taking proper minutes of all meetings and preparing reports for the Committee's consideration in accordance with: 
    1. Council’s Governance Rules;
    2. Part 3, Division 2 of the LGA; and
    3. The Committee’s discretion, as exercised from time to time.
  2. Minutes of Committee meetings will be published on the Geelong Australia website and must be forwarded to Council’s Governance Services as soon as practicable after adoption by the Committee.
  3. The Committee must prepare and present to Council a report of its activities and financial position upon being required to do so by Council and, in any event, at least once per year.

10. Financial Records

  1. The Committee's financial records will form part of the accounts of Council and therefore be subject to audit by the Municipal Auditor.

11. Creation and Dissolution

  1. By these Terms of Reference, the:
    1. Committee is established; and
    2. Powers, duties and functions of the Committee, as set out in the Instrument of Delegation, are delegated.
  2. These Terms of Reference and the Instrument of Delegation:
    1. Come into force immediately upon the resolution of Council; and
    2. Remain in force until Council determines to vary or revoke both or either of them.
  3. The Committee must be dissolved by a resolution of Council.

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