Candidate information

Want to become a councillor?

Would you like to represent your local community and make a real difference for the future of Greater Geelong?

People of all abilities from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds are encouraged to nominate as a candidate prior to the election.

After all, it’s important local council reflects those who live and work in our community.

The next Geelong Council election will be held via postal vote this October.

Candidate nominations for the Greater Geelong City Council Election 2020 have now closed.

Victorian Electoral Commission assistance

The Victorian Electoral Commission provides a comprehensive candidate handbook that describes the election process and timelines. The kit also explains the requirements of becoming a candidate and includes forms to be completed by candidates.

Funding and donations

There is no public funding for candidates in local council elections.

Within 40 days after election day, you must complete and submit an election donation return to the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Greater Geelong. The election donation return must either disclose gifts you receive in the lead up to an election or provide a statement that no gifts were received.

For more information, visit the Election Campaign Donation Returns - Guidance material page on the Local Government Inspectorate website.

Please note: donation disclosure requirements for local council elections are different from those that apply to candidates at State elections.

Safe campaigning guidelines

Local Government Victoria has published Safe Campaign Guidelines for the 2020 local council elections.

The guidelines will help candidates understand how to comply with the directions of the Victorian Chief Health Officer to stay safe while campaigning. They include advice on permitted campaign activities, safety for campaign teams, basic hygiene and physical distancing.

Local Government Victoria will update these guidelines with the latest directions and restrictions.

We recommended candidates check the guidelines regularly throughout campaigning.

Electoral signage

Candidates are advised that electoral signage is the responsibility of the candidate. This includes removal and replacement of damaged signage.

Information Request Register

In accordance with the Election Period Policy a register of information requests will be published and maintained.

Date Request Response
 6 October 2020  Drysdale Library development and the Eversley Street community facility No response - refer Caretaker provisions Election Period Policy
 1 October 2020  Sustainability Framework, The Sustainability Policy and The Environmental Strategy Plan 2030 alignment and targets. No response - refer Caretaker provisions Election Period Policy
 29 September 2020  Bicycle trailer billboard As per Election Signage Guidelines and Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2014.
 25 September 2020  Homeless Services in Geelong No response - refer Caretaker provisions Election Period Policy

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