Complete an emergency plan

Your emergency plan on a page can be used to provide a brief snapshot of your emergency plan and important information about you.

When writing the section on your plan in an emergency, please make a brief note of where you will go or who will assist you in an emergency.

When writing down your emergency contacts please write the person who will be assisting you in an emergency and then a family member or significant other.

When completing the 'things I need to take with me' section it is important to consider:

  • medication you may be taking
  • clothes
  • phone charger
  • water to drink and something to eat
  • items of value
  • important document, for example: passport or birth certificate
  • wallet or purse with your identification
  • torch
  • radio.

When completing the 'Important information about me' section it is important to consider:

  • any medical conditions you may have
  • do you need a wheelchair, walking stick or walker to assist you to leave your home
  • medications you may be taking
  • if you have a pet.

Once completed stick this plan onto your fridge and make sure you advise your family/friends or significant others of your plan.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 February 2020