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While we are all stuck in isolation for the foreseeable future it’s great to know that there are some enterprising regional suppliers who are uniting local producers in the online world.
While we are unable to visit the venues, they can certainly come to us at home and now the Bellarine wants to visit.

The creative minds at Bellarine Smokehouse of Jason Smith and Sarah Fenton have recently launched their newest solution to the non-existent foot traffic trade, as well as many of the Bellarine producers and growers – The Bellarine Box(es).

The tasty treats from Bellarine Taste Trail producers are packaged up into neat box offerings and delivered to your door. They include everything from smoked fish to gin, wine to butter and cheese to chocolate brownies.

There are around 10 different box options to purchase online with prices ranging from $99 to $375. So, depending on your budget you can try a little or a lot of the Bellarine.

The big ‘kick ass’ box is the crème da la crème and it includes 20 delights like Teddy and the Fox Gin, Baie Rose, Flying Brick Cider, Bellarine Smokehouse pate, Lard Ass Cultured Butter and Manzanillo olive oil.

For a more cost-effective box, you can get Smokin’ Box with exclusively Bellarine Smokehouse products, or try the Small Bellarine Box with 10 items (no alcohol) including Bellarine Brownie Company treats, Fasties’s Bellarine Pure Honey, Drysdale cheese and much more!

Purchase a box online now.


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