Geelong Major Events (GME) Committee Terms of Reference

Geelong Major Events Committee Document No: CTR60.5
Approval Date: 10 May 2016
Approved By: Council
Review Date: 10 May 2019
Responsible Officer: General Manager, Investment & Attraction Version No: 08
Authorising Officer: Chief Executive Officer

1. Summary

Geelong Major Events (GME) has been formed to coordinate all issues related to the attraction, assistance and funding of events (as defined by the terms of reference) on behalf of the Greater Geelong City Council.

2. Objectives

GME will:

  • strive to stimulate and encourage events that offer the best opportunity to provide measurable economic benefits, potential to market Geelong outside the municipality and enhance local community life through participation of residents
  • support the development and improvement of hallmark, major and developing events while focusing its activities on a clearly defined strategic program
  • establish and maintain strong links with the private sector, government and our communities to achieve high levels of stakeholder investment and activity required to realise the events potential of Geelong.

Specific elements to the achievement of the objectives include:

  1. A Geelong Major Events Strategy and Annual Business Plan in accordance with terms of reference.

  2. Maintenance of a funding submissions and evaluation process.

  3. The development and attraction of new events.

  4. The continuous improvement of current events.

  5. Facilitation of state, federal government and private sector funding wherever possible.

  6. Recommendations to Council regarding event infrastructure needs.

  7. Allocation of funds from the budget or make recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer or Council for funding of proposals that have satisfied the criteria and are in accord with the strategy.

In accordance with Council’s Policy for Grants, Contributions, Donations and Sponsorships and the GME Guidelines, GME shall not fund the following activities:

  • Capital or infrastructure works

  • Events of a charitable nature – GME does not provide donations

  • Religious, political or racial events

  • Events that are not open to the general public, for example conventions, conferences, or club events where access is restricted to members or delegates.

  • Events not held in the Municipality

3. Definitions

Event – an occasion where people gather with a common purpose that aims to enhance community life through participation of residents, measurable economic benefits, and potential to market Geelong outside the municipality. Within the context of the operation of the Geelong Major Events Committee an event shall include Geelong signature events, hallmark major events, annual major events, developing major events and special major events as provided by Schedule 1.
Act – Local Government Act 1989

4. Terms of Reference

4.1 Expected /life of the Committee

  • This is an ongoing committee subject to review by Council from time to time.

4.2 Constituency of the Committee

Geelong Major Events’ membership shall be constituted by:
  • Up to four members of Council;

  • The Chief Executive Officer;

  • The Executive Director of Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine; and

  • Up to six (6) external representatives of the business/media/arts or events community. Each external representative shall be appointed for a term of up to four years, following the public advertising calling for expressions of interest every two years.

All members shall have full voting rights.

4.3 Authority of the Committee

  • GME is a Special Committee of Council in accordance with Section 86 of the Local Government Act

  • The powers duties and functions of the Committee are as described in the sealed Instrument of Delegation.

4.4 Chair

  • The Committee shall elect a Committee member to be the chairperson

4.5 Quorum

  • A quorum of the Committee shall constitute a number equating to one more than 50% of the appointed members of the Committee.

4.6 Meeting Procedure

  • It is the role of the Committee to establish a meeting regime, evaluate its effectiveness and to make adjustments as necessary.

  • Minutes of key actions and decisions shall be recorded and retained in a minute book which shall be available for public inspection and published on Council’s Website, except for those parts of the minutes for which the meeting has been closed to members of the public under section 89 of the Act.

  • All members of the Committee shall be notified in writing not less than 48 hours before the meeting of the time, place and purpose of each meeting provided that where urgent circumstances exist, the Executive Officer may at the instruction of the Chair convene a meeting within a lesser timeframe following contact with members and circulation of any issues to be considered at the meeting.

  • The Act requires that all members of the Committee be required to declare any interest or conflict of interest at each meeting as well as completing a return of pecuniary interest on an annual basis.

4.7 Reporting Requirements

  • Quarterly Update reports will be presented to Council during the financial year and minutes of meetings will be distributed to all Councillors

4.8 Secretariat

  • An Executive Officer shall provide secretariat support to the Committee.

4.9 Facilities and Resources

  • An Executive Officer as deemed appropriate by the Chief Executive Officer shall be appointed to support GME in the achievement of its objectives.

  • Adequate resources shall be provided to ensure the effective operation of the GME Committee.

5. Quality Records

Quality Records shall be retained for at least the period shown below.

Record Retention/Disposal Responsibility Retention Period Location
Meeting Minutes Corporate Records Permanent Geelong City Council

6. Attachments

  • Attachment 1: Event matrix

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